2013 Countdown: #16

Time to resume the countdown with Kansas State now within sights of the start of the regular season right around the corner. There have been plenty of posts about streaks over the three months of this countdown but not any like this one tonight.

NDSU’s senior class of 26 has not suffered a losing streak. (Mike Vosburg – Forum File Photo)

Countdown To 2013: NerdStat #16

  • 16: That’s the number of most consecutive losses in Bison history, from 1948-1950. That was definitely the dark period of NDSU football, where winning seasons were awfully hard to come by, losses in that streak to Concordia, Marquette and the final loss of that streak was a 60-0 whitewash by South Dakota State. It’s been a long time since NDSU has had anything close to that total, Craig Bohl’s longest slide was 5 games in 2009, before that Bob Babich had 2 four game stretches in 2002. The most startling point of this stat is that NDSU hasn’t even lost two games in a row since that ’09 season. Every team goes thru slides and bad streaks, that’s another impressive stat and record about this group of seniors is that they have not had a losing streak.

6 thoughts on “2013 Countdown: #16

  1. Shouldn’t #16 be about Bison #16 Brock Jensen??? Just wondering,since most of the numbers is about the players numbers!!!!!

  2. Thanks Dom.

    Always interesting to go back and learn some history. I did not know the Bison football program had gone through a 16 game losing streak.

    Also, I’m sure Brock Jensen will survive not having #16 be all about him.

  3. LoL,Last time I posted about the numbers,I was quickly corrected and told its all about the players numbers,LoL Nothing more Nothing less :)

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