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Has the Bison offensive line found its groove?

Conor Riley

The performance of the Bison offensive line in the season opener at Iowa State got rave reviews. The following week at Weber State? Not so much. The unit returned to form against the University of Montana, a game in which the Bison had the ball for over 39 minutes of a 60-minute game. The following week at Western Illinois? The line wasn’t so great.

“Just too many highs and lows,” said Bison offensive line coach Conor Riley.

The lows, however, seem to have disappeared the last two games and the hope for Riley is the offensive line has found its groove heading into Saturday’s clash at South Dakota. Certainly, four new starters doesn’t make for the easiest transition, although Riley says that doesn’t mean expectations should be lower. Both players and coaches say they were disappointed with the effort at WIU. For a history lesson, Riley said the coaches showed the offensive linemen some film from a few years ago when NDSU assistant coach Tyler Roehl was the starting running back.

“We put more of an emphasis on playing physical, playing fast and playing confident and I think that’s transferred into the results we’ve seen the last two weeks,” Riley said.

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The other FCS top 25 poll vote

  1. North Dakota State
  2. Eastern Washington
  3. Villanova
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Coastal Carolina
  6. Illinois State
  7. Jacksonville State
  8. Southeastern Louisiana
  9. Montana
  10. Montana State
  11. McNeese State
  12. Fordham
  13. Youngstown State
  14. South Dakota State
  15. William & Mary
  16. Eastern Kentucky
  17. Richmond
  18. Southern Illinois
  19. Indiana State
  20. Bethune-Cookman
  21. James Madison
  22. Chattanooga
  23. Albany
  24. Sacred Heart
  25. Harvard
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Dom’s FCS Sports Network Poll – After Week 8

  1. North Dakota State       (7-0, beat Indiana State)        *  FBS win         Previous: 1
  2. Eastern Washington     (7-1, beat Northern Colorado)                         Previous: 2
  3. Villanova                      (6-1, beat William & Mary)                               Previous: 4
  4. Coastal Carolina          (7-0,  BYE week)                                            Previous: 3
  5. New Hampshire           (5-1, BYE week)                                            Previous: 5
  6. Montana                      (5-2, beat UC Davis)                                     Previous: 6
  7. Southeastern Louisiana (6-2, beat Central Arkansas)                        Previous: 7
  8. Illinois State                  (6-0, beat Western Illinois)                            Previous: 9
  9. Jacksonville State        (5-1 , BYE week)                                          Previous: 8
  10. Fordham                      (6-1, BYE week)                                           Previous: 10
  11. Bethune-Cookman     (6-1, beat Savannah State)    * FBS win         Previous: 11
  12. Montana State            (6-2, beat Weber State)                                 Previous: 13
  13. McNeese State           (4-2, beat Abilene Christian)                          Previous: 14
  14. Eastern Kentucky       (6-1, lost to Tennessee Tech) * FBS win         Previous: 12
  15. Richmond                  (5-2, beat Rhode Island)                                 Previous: 16
  16. South Dakota State   (5-2, beat Northern Iowa)                                Previous: 19
  17. Chattanooga             (4-3, beat The Citadel)                                    Previous: 21
  18. Liberty                      (4-3,  BYE week)              * FBS win                Previous: 20
  19. Youngstown State    (5-2, beat Southern Illinois)                              Previous: 24
  20. Southern Illinois        (5-3, lost to Youngstown State)                      Previous: 15
  21. Sacred Heart           (6-1, beat Duquesne)                                      Previous: 22
  22. Northern Iowa         (3-4, lost to SDSU)                                          Previous: 18
  23. Harvard                  (5-0, beat Lafayette)                                        Previous: 23
  24. Albany                  (5-2, beat Maine)                                           Previous: Unranked
  25. Indiana State       (4-3, lost to NDSU)     * FBS win                         Previous: 17

FCS Sunday Night Ramblings

The Sunday Live Chats are on hold for a bit, we’re bringing back the videos from the new and improved bunker! Tonight a first look at the projected playoff field, also former NDSU All-American Paul Cornick will start at right tackle for the Denver Broncos in their Sunday night title with the San Francisco 49ers, more from the Denver Post here. Enjoy!


Sunday recap of coverage