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I know it’s like Christmas Day to some and we’ve got a long day of coverage ready to roll, it will start at 8:45 am on here and we encourage you to chat with us and listen on the radio from 9-11 on 970 WDAY and wday.com!


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  1. It continues to be said that the Bison got everyone they wanted in North Dakota. They wanted the Hazen kid and he is going to UND. I know UND offered him some scholarship money but the bottom line is NDSU wanted him. Just a correction.

    • Hey Allan, please compare apples to apples. NDSU wanted him as a PWO, not as a scholarship recruit. UND wanted him as a scholarship recruit. Big difference. If NDSU wanted him they would have offered him a scholarship just like UND did. There is always a reason why.

        • Hey Allan;
          You just don’t get it. If NDSU wanted him they would have offered scholarship money. They did not want to offer scholarship money so they didn’t want him. UND offered the kid scholarship money so why wouldn’t he go there?

          • Think about what you are saying. You did sign a lot of players to PWO offers. What are you saying to them. Wow.

      • No question, if he was offered a PWO at NDSU, he is a very talented player. NDSUs scholarship ranks were filled. By what’s been happening so far its perfectly understandable UND had some scholarship money left. A program like UNDs is very lucky to get a player of this caliber. Its a blue moon sort of thing.

        • That is all I was saying. If you offer a recruit a PWO it is safe to say you wanted him.. The Hazen player was offered a PWO so therefore NDSU wanted him and thus NDSU didn’t get every recruit they wanted in North Dakota. Just accept the fact that you didn’t get, every recruit you wanted in North Dakota.

  2. I think it is time to archive everything Bohl. It’s a new era now and Wyo got enough free marketing from our national coverage, (only reason he stayed), and these Bison kids could have won that trophy with the 3 coaches that stayed. We should refer to the Bison have three rings and Coach K is working for his forth. If he would have been here in 2010 it would have been 4 and shooting for 5th.

  3. I’m stuck in a loop trying to watch today’s 2 PM press conference. Is there a link to watch it anywhere but Gobison? Is this something you have to pay for? I’ve even tried that and it didn’t work. Thanks.

  4. Great signing party after watching the NDSU recruiting video to potential recruits with espn game day homecoming crowd and Frisco finishing with brock jensen crying & saying “best 4 years of my life at ndsu no question!” That video would make any recruit or their father day Yes…… great stuff

  5. One of the things that I noticed during the playoff run with all the Minnesota kids on NDSU roster the lack of media coverage here in the cities. Today I opened the St. Paul Pioneer Press looked at the signing day listing for football you see North Dakota, Rutgers,Minnesota ,Montana State, Alabama ect but not one North Dakota State recruit listed. Sad that a paper doesn’t want to give all Minnesota kids their recognition. The star trib did have all 7 recruits listed.

    • In fairness to the P.P. they did not cover our off field issues over the past few years. A number MN student were involved in those issues. It’s a two way street.

      • Mark V, ok stop we all see your true colors.

        NDSU is increasing its exposure in the twin cities, the billboards alone and how NDSU beats FBS teams is in everyone’s minds.

        HOWEVER, the established media & gopher lackeys – see Sid & Dave, Pat Reusse etc just plain don’t cover NDSU because it makes their prize pupils look lesser. So let the media ignore NDSU down there, we all know behind the scene’s that they are deathly afraid of NDSU passing them. Only 3 twin cities scholarship kids in 2014 signing class does concern me though, would like to see that 6-8 consistently.

  6. Guys think of the PWO’s this way: I don’t think NDSU had 29 -31 scholarships to offer so you put them on waivers (walkon tag) and hope there is not a school out there that will claim them and offer a scholarship. You gamble that someone won’t take them but that is the risk you take.
    If the player does not want to work for it and want to be on a championship team will take the easy path. Do you really want them anyway?

  7. NDSU basketball needs to win out, im sorry but losing more than 1-2 games in the summit league is unacceptable for the talent on this team.
    If Saul cannot figure out how to get Marshall at least 10-12 shots a game then he should be to blame. Kid is shooting 60% and tops in the country and he only gets him 6 shots at Denver? work it in early and often and let this guy dominate please!!

  8. Just because they are blind to anything Bison Football does it make them a great paper. Whether it is good or bad they should cover it. It is pretty blatant when they missed all of the recruits from NDSU

  9. I guess teams when they get to conference play should go perfect ask Wisconsin and Ohio state teams that were 17-0 or 16-1 should not have lost 3or 4 games conference games it just shouldn’t happen. Those schools need to look at getting new coaches because they must be getting out coach and don’t know how to use their players. They must want to lose games or something because that the only thing that makes sense.

  10. A 6 point HOME win over the worst team in the league? What’s up with the Bison men hoops team?

    • I think there is major reason to be concerned. When this teams plays their best, they are a good team but the problem with this team is they don’t bring it every night. This team can beat Notre Dame but yet lose by 18 to UND who is not doing that great in the Big Sky. Last night, I know they couldn’t buy a 3-pointer but they also looked very sluggish and got sloppy at times which has been a pattern the last few games. I hope I am wrong when I say this but I do not see this team making it to the tournament. They are not consistent enough. You usually want to start playing your best basketball right now but I don’t think NDSU is doing that.

    • It’s called playing the last place team on Thursday night while looking forward to playing the first place team on Saturday night..

  11. Yea they do need to play better but one sign of a good team is they win even playing bad. Thanks to SDSU they have a chance to be in first place by alone with 5 games left. Take care of home court and they win the conference.

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