2013 Countdown: #19

Brock Jensen

If I were to generalize the Bison passing game last season, it would go something like this: It was fantastic early on, tapered in the last one-third of the season and was good enough in the playoffs. You can try to theorize the reasons when it struggled but certainly injuries were a factor. But when Brock Jensen is on and confident, this offense would appear to be tough to stop this season.

19: That is the school ecord Jensen has for most consecutive passes completed. It came in a two-game stretch against Southern Illinois and Missouri State in 2011 with 15 of those coming against the Bears. That was a season when Jensen set the team record for most passing yards in a season with 2,524, He was down just slightly last year at 2,331.

What Jensen needs more than anything is a group of receivers who can stay off the injury list and get better as the season goes along. Today, receivers coach Kenni Burns said he has seven or eight who are in the mix to play. Zach Vraa got deep on occasion last year but the passing game needs a consistent deep threat, and perhaps freshman Carey Woods can fit that bill. Out of the group of first-year receivers that would include Demitrius Gray, Eric Perkins and true freshman Tyler Wrice, Woods may be in line to play the most.

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  1. Also I heard a rumor in the coffee shop today that NFL teams are closely watching this game and if Bison win in Kansas these NFL teams will request permission from Coach Bohl to talk to some of our players right after the game.

  2. No surprise on Woods being in the mix to play. He looked great in the Spring Game.

    This group of seniors will be 4-0 against FBS teams if they can pull off the upset against KSU. I think they will do it!

  3. Our receivers are also deceptively fast. Smith and Gebheart were both track stars. Wahlo is over the top fast. Then you have the Bison version of Cris Carter with Zack Vraa. Incredible hands and route running with average speed. All these guys have experience in the system. Throw in Woods and Gray and we have a completrly different skill set. I always write off Moody as a fluke yet he continues to be a contributer. I like our receivers

  4. I think Brock must have had some type of injury to his throwing arm. The out route was one of his better throws with great accuracy and zip on the ball, but from the Indiana State game on he didn’t do very well with the out route.

    Brock is a winner and he will be ready for the season. Brock plays great in the big games so I expect him to have a great game at Kansas State.

      • How do you know??? Do you live with Brock??? I disagree with you TM. Either way,maybe he wasnt injured,but he sure was playing hurt.and not up to his own standards…but he was just enough to help the team to win the game!!!!

        • I agree with JT,but I don’t think it was his Arm, but more with one of his hips. When he would throw,the ball would go high or low making his poor accuracy,thus his Passing % went down. Also,he did have a scope on one of his knees this off season,and his one of his wrists had a nerve problem in the playoffs. But knowbody never know that stuff cause,it says in house. But he is back,100% healthy and ready to beat the KSU Crazy LiLKitties.

  5. While they are important, we will only go so far with possession type receivers. Hopefully someone will emerge who can separate from the defense for big scoreing plays. This will open up the <20 yard routes, and the running game.

    • By only go so far do you mean only win a national title? You’re making it sound like the offense needs a deep threat to emerge and that’s just not the case with the west coast offense. Sure, it’s nice to have but having good route runners with good hands at the receiver position, and most importantly having an accurate QB throwing to them, is what makes the Bison passing game tick.

  6. I keep hoping Wahlo will emerge as a bona fide deep threat his last year. We need this senior to step up. The Bison will be a whole different animal on offense if he can have a break out season.

  7. Brock is fine. He admitted he had a few bad passes, it just so happens that 2 bad passes happened in same game 2 years in a row. Brock is a beast and Wentz will be a star for 2 years after and mcginnis after that. We are loaded at QB U.

  8. Come on Dom & Jeff, you guys are falling behind on this countdown!

    Is it the 30th yet??? haha!

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