Bison Video Blog: Media Day Edition

Two weeks and counting folks to the start of a new college football season, so much to come over the next couple of weeks, ranging from a prediction on the season to the renewal of the FCS Pick ‘Em! Tonight we bring back an old friend to talk about the topics from Media Day in preps for the 1st scrimmage of the fall, that’s CLOSED to the media, but any updates will be passed along. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Media Day Edition

  1. No question in my mind that the two biggest issues facing the Bison coaches are identifying quality back up linebackers that can play downs. They need one behind each starter like they had in 2011 but I doubt that will happen, likely only two will see the field. The other issue that must be dealt with is finding a consistent passing game. The WRs need to step up.

    • um…..completed over 60% of passes last year and dont remember too many dropped passes and 3rd down completion rate was best in country……step up ?? Think they have

  2. Dom and Big E,
    What about the linebackers that are redshirt freshmen this year? Has coach mentioned any of them? MJ Stumpf was a good recruit in the eyes of the media, is he in the mix?

  3. Im in town on a wedding invite, from Texas. I was curious about your team here and why you aren’t bigger than you are! No reason you should be FCS, your facilities look great and watching your team 2 times last year on espn really impressed me. Fargo is a big town, love to see more support around town for NDSU from businesses don’t see much on window fronts if any.
    Good luck this year from a Texan

  4. The “realist” is about to visit on August 30th. No more bottom dwelling FBS opponent this time with new coach, new systems and lously players.The Bison magic will be tested and the outcome may be hard to swllow

    • MGFan56, maybe the Bison will get smoked by K-State, but they will show up to play. You keep talking how the Bison have played lousy FBS teams, well Kansas was only about 9 months removed from their Orange Bowl appearance when the Bison signed to play them. The Gophers wanted to play the Bison in 2006. Remember in 2006 that was only NDSU’s 4th year in transition ad 2007 was their 5th year. The Bison beat the Gophers, Central Michigan, Ball State all while in transition. Then they beat the Gophers two years ago and have won to straight FCS titles. How can you possibly put this program down even if we lose to Kansas State who is a BCS team and they won the Big 12 last year. Let’s be honest they should crush the Bison. Great BCS team against great FCS team. Now matter how many FBS or BCS teams the Bison beat, no matter how many FCS titles they win people like you will find a reason to put them down. You hate NDSU football and will never say anything good. I swear to God if the Bison beat K-State by 50 you would find some reason why it wasn’t a good win. The only thing hard for you to swallow is sitting in Grand Forks watching UND give up 40 points a game and knowing the Bison would crush them. Go to the Sioux blog!

  5. Under-Achievers typically have two traits that give them away: They complain about others that do better and they have little to show for their own accomplishments. For example: The biggest complaining in our neighborhood is the low-life that lives in the house that needs the most repairs.

    Here’s wishing the Bison players and Coaches another grear year. Go Bison

  6. 19k care on every Saturday. Should we just eliminate Mid Majors, FCS, D2, D3 college football since apparently no one cares? That sounds like lots of fun having only about 50 college football teams across the country. Just take a deep breath realist and let people enjoy their teams. There are delusional people in all walks of life but they are the minority. I realize about 0.1 percent of Bison fans think NDSU could beat Alabama. Just like 0.1 percent of Alabama fans think Bama could beat several NFL teams.

  7. I had responded to REALIST saying no one cares about FCS football and that Bison fans are delusional. It appears that post was removed.

  8. Im just sick of delusional Bison fans that think they can compete with. Bama, Oklahomah, USC, Oregon! I’ve had lots of fans tell me this and its just ridiculous! My comment being removed alone shows how delusional fans are cause they can’t handle the truth. Yes the Bison have a future but uneducated Bison fans which seem to be 80% have no clue about the big boys league and the “no one cares about league”.

  9. So “realist,” you come here and insult the Bison Fan Base as uneducated, while misspelling Oklahoma, not to mention the last sentence of your comment is completely incorherent. Clearly you are the uneducated one.

  10. Realist
    If you are sick of Bison fans then what are you doing here? As far as having your post removed the posts here have no control over that.
    There are problems with this site. As a matter of fact when I sign off on this post it will say—“its awaiting moderation”. This shows up on many occasions and admin has yet to explain why.

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