Bison Video Blog: Scrimmage Reax

The first scrimmage of the fall is in the books, again this was closed to the media and the public, we have interviews with Craig Bohl, true freshman running back Chase Morlock and offensive line coach Scott Fuchs about how camp is moving along. Bohl says that Morlock is getting strong consideration at getting his redshirt pulled and that freshman linebacker Nick DeLuca likely will have his redshirt pulled. Also of note, Bemidji’s Carey Woods continues to impress and likely working his way into the top 5 rotation of wide receivers (Vraa, Smith, Gebhart and Moody) The biggest takeaway from today’s scrimmage was that none of the starters participated today, this indicates how important the coaching staff is preaching depth and also with 26 seniors and several players in the last two classes leaving the team seeing what the future holds is a top priority.


14 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Scrimmage Reax

  1. Serious the finish to this countdown is really lame. for months it rocks and now it is dead. its like a good book with a terrible ending. Quit using the media stop as an excuse. what would you do in a big ten market where they even have stricter media policies? not report? guess you will need to be more efficient. dont commit to something you cant finish. this is lame

  2. Why should they even bother to finish the countdown after they’ve been given the middle finger by the coaching staff? I doubt they get paid extra to bring all the bonus coverage. First ndsu denies wday to televise the games, and now they’re locked out of practice. There’s plenty of other sports in the area to cover, and things for them to do in their spare time. I’ve immensely enjoyed this blog. the criticism they are receiving now from a few crybabies on here is unwarranted.

      • i’m not arguing that fact. I am confident they will do a wonderful job covering the games and the season. it’s just ridiculous to expect a new story every day by these writers that have other teams to cover, other sports to cover, and other things to do, especially when they are now being denied the type of access they had before.

    • How about interviewing other players? Hearing about the same players over and over gets old. We have important Sophomores and Juniors that we would like to get to know.

    • Seriously? So because WDAY couldn’t out bid KVLY for the games and Coach Bohl did what the majority of big time programs are now doing with the closed practices the guys who run this blog are just gonna pout?? Is this what the media does in B1G, B12, SEC country when they close practice???Come on, sack up! Put a better package together next time!!

      This blog is the biggest thing going for the Forum ownership. Bison football is king in these parts and they know it!

  3. Wow. Don’t listen to the complainers. This blog is great and I have enjoyed the majority of the stories. The comments go south (or north as the case may be) very fast.
    Keep up the good work. I feel the media was not locked out, what was removed by coach was the constant negative comments that follow the legitimate reporting.
    Go Bison.

  4. sy every other media company is getting the same treatment including ch 11. Channel 6 wasnt denyed they obviously put in an inferrior offer. its a common theme at wday with all the teams leaving. demand should drive coverage and if you cant so what your promising your viewers dont make a promise

  5. gabe11 you are forgetting the fact that this blog was started mainly because of Jeff and Dom’s genuine interest to involve the Bison fans, if you dont like it dont bad mouth this please,

  6. Wday needs to stop with the wdaz on sat/sun crap soon, its embarassing for them to not focus solely on fargos team NDSU. even the made up news stories about grand forks is hilarious.
    Kvly/kvrr do a better job of NDSU first and foremost.

    The scrimmage was fun apparently lots of youth and excitment with the seniors betting playfully on thier offense or defense success and cheering on thier teammates. Great idea!!

  7. Dom, Jeff and the big funny-looking guy (EP) are professional journalists, who enjoy covering the biggest game in town (Bison FB). I challenge these numbskulls who are knocking the blog to come up with 100 fresh ideas to put out there for 100 days in a row. Even trying it shows that our guys have ambition and brains.

    Clearly, somebody needs to hear some pads and helmets crashing to take their mind off such a petty topic.

    Go Bison.

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