Bison Video Blog: Pre-season updates and more

Join WDAY’s Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Eric Peterson for the Bison Video Blog.

10 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Pre-season updates and more

  1. Information overload on all of the names you threw out, but it sounds very promising! Snyder at KSU is playing a chess game with the non-info on the QB.
    GO BISON!!!!!!!!

    • Daniel Sams will be the starting QB because he can run and sling the ball. He is also experienced and played last year.

  2. Austin Kuhnert, a highly recruited OL from Sioux Falls, was mentioned as being injured; can you elaborate on the extent of his injury?

    • I misspoke on the video blog, not Kuhnert, but Jarrod Tuszka from South Dakota, hurt his Achilles in May before he came to camp, that’s who I was referring to, my apologies.

  3. Hey Dom,

    Thanks for all the work you have done for the blog and the countdown. How about for #10 detailing the 10 national title teams or for #3 a comparison between the App State three peat and NDSU’s bid for a three peat? Or how many wins Coach Bohl needs to break the school record for wins?


  4. Anyone know why Jesse Kubik from Dickinson Trinity isn’t on the roster on the teams website? Did he leave the team or enrollment issues?

  5. heard kolpack on dizzos den talking about media coverage. good points jeff. no disrespect to what you do. your a pro. it is what it is so obviously you guus will have to adjust. and i didnt realize you were coaching so I feel like a richard for giving you crap for the countdown. dom you better pick up jeffs slack buddy

  6. It does seem like there is a loss of interest since the practices have been closed to the media. Jeff’s constant complaining about this decision I’m beginning to wonder who is the thirteen year old. Just get over it already. Continue to cover the countdown like you did prior to fall camp starting afterall there is only 8 days left b4 kickoff then you can report to your hearts content.

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