2013 Countdown: #7

We are now a week away from gameday in Manhattan and we’ve talked plenty on the countdown about this matchup and the potential for this 2013 team, but for this stat I wanted to just peer ahead to a year from now and 2014, when NDSU is supposed to open at Iowa State. As many of you know NDSU has 26 seniors on its roster for this year, an absurd number when you think of it, but it brings up a concerning number for next year.

Joe Haeg is one of just ten players left from the Class of 2011.

Countdown To 2013: NerdStat #7:

  • 27: That’s the number of players that have left the team over the past 3 classes. That may not seem like that large of number but when you take a closer look you can figure out why NDSU is playing some true freshmen for this upcoming season.

2010 (5): There are five players out of what many consider one of NDSU’s best class now longer with the team, Wes Hudson and Don Carter who were dismissed from the team, along with Jason Pomerenke, Andy Pfieffer and Tyler Gefroh who have all left.

2011 (17): This is the class with the most attrition, Andrew Okland, Lyle Norman, Joey Sonnenfeld, Frank Veldman, Joe Horvath, Matt Jones, Ryan Stanford, Berkley Grimm, Josh Lisenby, Nick Scoliere, DeShawn Dinwiddie and Derek Lee all gone. Four more walk-ons, Leighton Talmadge, Dan Wood, Brandon Chrest and Alex LaVoy also are no longer with the team. Dannell Miles signed, but never made it to Fargo.

2012 (6): The most recent redshirts are not off to a great start either, two left to go home, Jacob Davis and Sam Hahn, two were kicked off the team, Chuks Amaechi and Marcus Brantley, Zach Riopelle left and Brett Pierce has been suspended.

Craig Bohl stressed that the 2013 class is important for many reasons, let alone depth for this season, but many of these players will be seeing major minutes next season. It should be pointed out of the 2011 class, just 10 remain now, but plenty have or will play big minutes from Joe Haeg at right tackle to Andrew Bonnet at fullback to Josh Colville and Ben LeCompte, it seems NDSU has hit some home runs with the ones that stayed. Something to watch for sure as the season goes along.


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  1. I think the Bison will be fine next season (2014) it is the 2015 season that worries me. How deep will we be with so many kids leaving the program in what will be senior and junior classes? The 2013 and 2014 classes have to be like this years senior class as far as kids being able to come right in and play at a very high level as true freshman. Go Bison!

  2. I guess this is the fall out of a team that wins championships. If you are the one that has to wait for a chance to play whether it is 2 or 3 years some just can’t wait even if you can say you are on a championship team. I’m sure the coach did not intend to have this much of a emphasis on one class but it happened so hopefully he can even it out over the next couple of years. A freshman coming in this year or next should feel pretty good about playing chances.

  3. Surprised that the attrition rate is being mentioned now at the beginning of the season which features two classes with a HIGH retention rate. The high retention rate of the 2009 and 2010 classes is the exception, rather than the rule for Craig Bohl’s coaching tenure. He always quotes Bo Schembechler regarding attrition saying that if you keep 50% of a class you are fortunate. Not sure I believe that, but that is Bohl’s philosophy nonetheless. While the attrition rate of the 2011 and 2012 classes is high, it is nothing like the 2008 class.

    What would be more interesting to me would be to examine the attrition rates by state. I am sure AZ, TX, and FL are much higher than ND and MN, for instance, which brings into question the cost vs benefit of recruiting outside the midwest.

  4. In the paper (pioneer press) they had the lines for next weeks games and just seemed interesting that k-state game wasn’t listed in the Friday match ups.

  5. I think you average out the total losses over 3 years and its no big deal. NDSU has been signing great prospects to replace their player losses.

    I am more nervous about coaches moving on than kids who never saw the field.

  6. When I look at those names, all I have to say is . . . thank goodness we had some attrition. Attrition is a normal part of the deal, it just is.

    Do we want high attrition, no. Have we handled our attrition pretty well, absolutely!

  7. That is alarming that we have lost 17 kids from our recruiting class from 2 years ago. That obviously wasn’t a good year of recruiting.

  8. Just got a note from a friend that lives near Topeka Ks. The heat index at game-time is predicted to be 100+ with field temp about 108. I see why Bohl had them in full pads at 97 degrees the other day.

  9. Despite the bad attrition were actually well balanced over the next 4 years. On paper last years class looks incredible. We’ve picked up so many good replacements or walk ons. Guys like Haeg, Schaetz, Darius Anderson, Moody, have contributed. Its a little concerning that the # of Minnesota kids is down but we seem to be focusing more on Wisconsin.

    This last class appears to be mega talented. The walk ons we’ve gotten over the last 2 years is impressive. We’ve got guys from Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the transfers have been good too. Guys like Shea Dejong was a Dragon who played as a frosh and lead the entire NSIC in tackles.

  10. Dom, it would be a great follow up as to why these players left. Matt Jones in my eyes was the next stud RB but concussions took a toll. Okland, Horvath and Gefroh were injury related also not? Okland started football later but so many of these guys start young, play football a lot and just wash out or burn out. Stanford obviously saw the playing time writing on the wall and never really impressed that much from scrimmage etc., I saw.
    So it does concern a bit, but the cream rises they say and I agree with Old Guy. I think the follow up would be interesting.
    Go Bison!!!! Less than a week.

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