Video Blog LIVE at 2pm!

Bison Head Coach Craig Bohl holds his first Monday press conference of the season today and Jeff and Dom will be LIVE at 2pm to break it down.

Check out the broadcast on our LIVE Video Blog page.

Make sure to follow Jeff (@FGOSPORTSWRITER) and Dom (@DomIzzoWDAY) on Twitter and send them your questions.

6 thoughts on “Video Blog LIVE at 2pm!

  1. Has Bohl addressed how they’re preparing for the heat? Temps will be pushing 100 on game day.

  2. Can you keep these on the blog somewhere so a guy can watch them later. I can’t watch at 2:00pm. Thanks!

    We are practicing in the same conditions that we will play in Friday night. No conditioning worries for the Bison!

  3. Who are some of the backups that we should be watching for, who we could see make a big impact this year?

  4. I noticed that Jesse Kubic was recruted and is not on the 2013 roster. Any one know why?

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