Bison Video Blog: The road to Kansas State

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the Bison Video Blog! After a long wait, another season of Bison football is at our doorstep. Jeff and Dom, fresh from head coach Craig Bohl’s weekly press conference, will get you up-to-speed with everything happening as the Bison prepare for opening day against the Kansas State Wildcats.

13 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: The road to Kansas State

  1. I can’t wait to watch the Bison clean up in Kansas on Friday night. This game will show we belong in FBS and a legitimate FBS conference.

  2. I’m sitting on pins and needles for the KSU game! Encouraged by Jeff’s prediction.
    GO BISON!!!!!!!!!!

  3. After we beat K State then will you people in fargo want FBS?? what will it take for BisoNation to rise together and demand FBS (MOUNTAIN WEST!)

    • And the goal would shift to getting into a ridiculously-named bowl game? No thanks. Big changes coming to FBS landscape. Let’s wait to see how that shakes out first before jumping into a big mistake. GT knows what he’s doing.

  4. Kansas State is primed for a knock off. Many of their fans have the same view of the game as Gopher fans did in 2006. We will be ready and the main concern is the heat and how it will effect both teams. I know these guys are not the gophers but we are not the same team either.
    I would be ok with 1 loss on the season as long as it is before the playoffs, just to take the pressure off of being undefeated going in. Go Bison.

    • If only it was the fans that played the game…

      I do agree about the loss though, get it out of the way early..

      My hopes for the season: Play sound football, show great sportsmanship (plenty of teams will be taking cheap shots), get big leads for the underclassmen to get some reps, otherwise next year could be challenging but most of all, have fun this could be something very special.

  5. Will this game be broadcast on cableone? Or will Fargo be in the dark again. If what are the options?

  6. K-State and its fans are well aware of how good the Bison are. We know the Bison could win or at least be a threat to win a lot of FBS conferences. Playing NDSU is not like playing some FBS cellar dweller; it’s a very legitimate challenge against a very good team, even if the rest of the FBS doesn’t think so. K-State fans know that NDSU is good enough to come into our stadium and win, especially since we are basically rebuilding our entire defense. This will be a close game, but if there’s one thing NDSU fans might be underestimating is the impact the crowd will have on the outcome. I don’t think the Bison have ever experienced a game day atmosphere like they will on Friday. I quote Art Briles, head coach of Baylor, when asked what is the best game day atmosphere in the Big 12: “Right when you said it I thought Manhattan, Kansas. You want to stand next to someone and not be able to hear them, walk your ass into Manhattan, Kansas.”

  7. I think most bison fans realize that this will be a much louder more difficult environment than what we are use to. I wonder what the decibel levels at UNI get up to.

  8. By the way, if anyone here knows who cc and jbb are over on the KSU forum will you do bison fans a favor and slap him (I kinda think it may be the same guy) and take away his computer. One of the most immature, foolish acting people I’ve ever seen on a forum. It’s embarrassing.

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