2013 Countdown: #3

I said it last night on the news that this season is the most anticipated for Bison fans in nearly 30 years, probably since 1986, where NDSU was coming off a 2nd championship in three years, the other year they had lost in the title game (1984) and led by Jeff Bentrim, the Bison won a 3rd title in four years in ’86. Now here comes the 2013 team, led by perhaps the greatest group of seniors this school has ever seen, already with two championships, attempting the school’s first ever three-peat. Safe to say people are ready.

NDSU puts its perfect road record over the last two seasons on the line Friday night. (Dave Samson – Forum File Photo)

Countdown To 2013: NerdStats #3:

  • 3: That’s the number of times an NDSU team has started the season on the road in Craig Bohl’s tenure. 2009 and 2010 were the other two times, at Iowa State and at Kansas, now this season and we can add next year at Iowa State again to this list. I asked Bohl about why NDSU has performed so well on the road over the last two years, not losing a game, he said: “We have a regimented schedule for our players, we try to make sure we have them in the most controlled environment possible to ensure success.” The Bison travel like a professional team, they’ll leave Thursday, check into their hotel, have meetings that night, wake up and eat on Friday and then head to the stadium about 2.5-3 hours before game time, there will be a walk-thru on the field with the players, they’ll go thru their pre-game warmups and then it’s game time. There is no messing with this schedule since it’s been pretty successful over the last 3 seasons.

5 thoughts on “2013 Countdown: #3

  1. What Dom just said. If game would have been Saturday they would have left Friday.

  2. Interesting thought that those ’86 seniors shoulda had a four-peat and then … well, it kinda makes you wonder if the game out in Washington hadn’t stolen by the refs …. what about 2010? Probably not, but you never know.

  3. “The Bison travel like a professional team…”

    Whoa. No wonder no BCS conferences are calling the Mighty Bison.

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