2013 Countdown: #2

Weekly as the season goes along, I’ll be linking the Sports Network’s FCS Bracketology that they unveil, the debut edition has NDSU as the top seed, joined by 3 other Valley teams and five from the Big Sky, have a look. Our bracketology will come later in the season on the Sunday Night Ramblings. Also make sure you check back in later tonight for the debut edition of the FCS Pick ‘Em, year three between Mr. Kolpack and I.

Montana State is one of the two contenders to prevent NDSU from a third straight title. (Dave Samson – Forum File Photo)

Countdown To 2013: NerdStat #2:

  • 2: That’s the total amount of challengers I believe NDSU has nationally to prevent them from a third straight national championship. Earlier this week Jeff and I made our season predictions, I did predict 9-2, but with one of those losses to a BCS school I cant see the Bison being punished out of the top 2 seeds. There is a possibility that if NDSU is a 3 seed of playing a playoff road game, but if the Bison get a 1 or 2 seed they will head to Frisco again. The challengers are few, but I believe both reside in the Big Sky and both reside in the state to our west, Montana. Let’s start with the Griz, after a year spent dealing with off-field issues and distractions, they have their quarterback back in Jordan Johnson, who was a couple plays away from putting Montana in the 2011 title game against the Bison. The Griz defense will be much improved and the schedule is favorable, home games against App State, Cal Poly and Eastern Washington, with only two tough roadies, Northern Arizona and Montana State. Speaking of the Bobcats, they have everything going in their favor as well, led by Denarius McGee, who much like Brock Jensen is ready for his 4th year as a starting quarterback. MSU has skill at every position you’d like and a schedule that’s pretty manageable (Don’t freak out on that Bison fans; I would have still said that if the NDSU game stayed on the schedule) MSU only has one tough road trip to Eastern Washington, a potential upset game at UND, but they host Northern Arizona and Montana and don’t have to play Cal Poly. I know we are a long, long way from Frisco, but with tickets already gone for the game, how exciting would a border war title game be? Fun to think of.

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  1. There is a toughness in Montana that you don’t see at Montana State, but better skill with Bobcats. But you aslo have significantly better coaching at MT State than Montana. That said, I think MT State is the better of those two, with EWU in between. As for 5 teams in the Sky being better than the 5th team in the Valley, no way. Just lots of easy wins at the bottom the Sky for the top teams to get fat on. Only 2 easier wins in the Valley this year, and we don’t play 1 of them.

  2. Is the Big Sky really going to be better this year?

    Because last year the 8th best team in the MVFC was better than the 5th best team in the Big Sky. If I had 9 slots to fill from the Big Sky and the MVFC last year 6 of them would have been MVFC.

    It would have been 5 to 4 MVFC in 2011, too.

    • And a team that finished T-8 in the Big Sky (UC Davis) lost 12-8 at SDSU, who finished 2nd in the MVFC. Tough to say which conference is better top to bottom when there are so few games between the two.

      • No, it’s really not that tough. SOS, margin of victory and some computer power. There are about 50 different places on the interwebs that do some flavor if this (some better than others).

        Do a little research and find one who’s methodology you prefer (not their results). I prefer Sagarin at USA Today (predictor not BCS). MVFC significantly stronger last year, clearly stronger in 2011 but Big Sky had more quality at 6 and 7 before the bottom dropped off the map.

        Big Sky clearly better at the top in 2010 but with less quality 6 thru 9.

        Big Sky had more depth 1-5 in 2009 but the top 3 in the MVFC were superior. and exactly the opposite in 2008.

  3. Why doesn’t Cal Poly get more respect? CP was the only Big Sky team that gave Sam Houston a real challenge in the playoffs last year.

    • To much emphasis on just Ws and Ls and not enough on to whom and by how much.

      They got treated like an #11 seed last year and probably should have been a #7.

      Of course I thought SDSU should have been the 5 seed so what do I know.

  4. “Potential upset game at UND.” You can’t be serious. Did Coach Mussman pay you to write that? There is no way UND take down MSU; I don’t care if they are playing them in Grand Forks. Last year MSU won 55-10, and they outgained them on offense 695 yards to 180 yards; that included 436 yards rushing. As long as UND is putting out the same defense they have been, they won’t be upsetting anyone.

  5. I would put in an honorable mention for wofford at this point, let’s see how they do without Eric B. And how about getting Big E in on the fcs pick ’em and put the belt on the line?

  6. Let the nonamers have their dream of upsetting the Cats. The dream will only last until midway through the first quarter.

  7. Fcs is sad , seriously maybe 2-3 legit teams. NDSU deserves mountain west, once we beat kansas state then there is no lookin back.

  8. I agree if we are only talking 2-3 teams that are title contenders, FCS has really gotten watered down. The problem is the other teams that would have been title contenders is not eligible because they are moving up. I’m not sure if a move to FBS is the right move but I think something needs to change to be more competitive. I would also not rule out Sam Houston State. They got talent to at least contend once again.

  9. I don’t see how San Diego, Colgate and Liberty could all get in. Those are some weak teams right there…

  10. I think NDSU’s biggest challenger in the playoffs will be an MVFC team. Like last year I think the Bison will have to beat someone from their league in the playoffs, or perhaps in a title game, probably either SDSU or Northern Iowa. The big question is whether we’re home again or whether it’s in Cedar Falls or Brookings. I don’t think winning the regular season MVFC title is a given and I think there’s a real chance we’re on the road at some point in the playoffs.

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