2013 Countdown: #1

We have reached the end of the road; for those that started this journey back on May 22nd and read every post and broke them down, thought they were dumb, thought they were great, I appreciate it. I said it was going to be a big undertaking and it was, there may have been a few duplicates but for the most part we had some original stats and got some people thinking which is what I wanted. Now on to the final stat:

NDSU has forced seven turnovers while committing just two in its last three FBS matchups. (Mike Vosburg-Forum File Photo)

Countdown To 2013: NerdStat #1:

  • 2-7:  That’s the turnover ratio for NDSU in its last three games against FBS opponents (Kansas, Minnesota and Colorado State) a pick against KU and a fumble last year against Colorado State and that’s it. Biggest reason why the team has won those games. Craig Bohl and the players stressed it to us this week about staying on the field and not turning the ball over, each of those things they have been able to do against the FBS and that will be magnified against a quality Kansas State team tomorrow night. Brock Jensen takes care of the football, especially in the biggest games (think the 2 title games, Georgia Southern twice) and he’ll have to do that again. On the flip side the Bison have been able to force turnovers in these games, Marcus Williams has two interceptions, think about Matt Anderson and Chad Willson’s fumble recoveries against Kansas and no one will forget the interception and lateral from Colten Heagle to Williams against the Gophers. A big play defensively will go a long way if NDSU hopes to beat an FBS team for a 4th straight year.
  • Make sure you check the blog frequently today, Jeff will be joined by Big E and Jody Norstedt, who’s holding the fort down for me in Manhattan with a video blog, and then full game coverage tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “2013 Countdown: #1

  1. Excellent blog… you guys put in a lot of hard work and I enjoyed reading all the posts or catching up on them when I could. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the stat rundown the last few months. The real stat is not the turnover ratio but the opposing FBS program’s records NDSU has beaten the last three years. 10-26!!!!!!! Kansas State is 28-11 over the last three years.
    The Wildcats will be a true measuring stick of what a real FBS football is like…not those other patsies over the last couple years.

    • lmao!

      I would wish you luck against Valpo but you shouldn’t need it.

      Thank you for your interest in NDSU athletics!

  3. Thanks for the countdown. I’m still amazed at the putdown of the Bison record against the FBS. We’ll see, when you consider the accomplishment of this current team starting with thier record against FBS 3-0 and it started when most of them were sophmores going up against teams that should have smoked them even if they were bad FBS, it just should not have happened. Now they are seniors with a lot of confidence and experience like the coach said if there is a team that can meet the challenge it is this group of players. Still stand by the score 27-24 Bison because I think they want it more and have just enough of the peices to make it happen. When they do win and K-State finishes 4-7 or 3-8 like some say they will, then what would be said about this win? Go Bison!

  4. I dont’ think those comments are clever at all, just the truth. All of them made headlines in the paper, tv, radio. ESPN also USA Today also had some nice national publicity regarding the petition fraud. Nice work as usual boys, keep up the good work…..very entertaining!!!! :)

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