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Jeff and I detailed yesterday the amount of national interviews that Craig Bohl has done since the win over Kansas State, everything from Sirius Satellite Radio to an appearance in the New York Times, wanted to consolidate some of them for people to have a look at, 1st time the Bison football team has had this kind of national attention, it’s come in basketball but not in football.

NDSU’s win over Kansas State has made national headlines for the Bison and Fargo. (Carrie Snyder – The Forum Of Fargo-Moorhead)

New York Times story:

Stewart Mandel; SI Writer on the FCS Weekend:

Dennis Dodds, CBS lead writer has NDSU in Power Poll:

Adam Rittenberg;


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  1. Are we ready for a serious FBS discussion with the Mountain West ? Dean & Gene should be on the phone with MWC today, heck fly out there! Look at these teams that have universities similiar to NDSU

    Fresno State
    San Jose State
    San Diego State
    Air Force
    Boise State
    Colorado State
    New Mexico
    Utah State

    Boise State is the ONLY team that could regularly beat NDSU. These are easy towns to fly to thru Denver/Vegas

    • Once again, has nothing to do with the competitiveness of the football program or similiarity of the schools. It’s all about location and media market. With the exception of Wyoming (whose essentially been grandfathered in forever), all those schools are in larger media markets (or adjacent to them) with significant population bases and, in most cases, popular travel destinations.

      No FBS conference worth it’s salt is going to invite a school in Fargo North Dakota with the 120th or 125th or whatever it is largest media market .

      Sucks but that’s the reality of conference realignment. No matter how many FCS titles we win, no matter how many FBS programs we beat, no conference that would be worth making the move up is going to come knocking unless Fargo adds a couple hundred thousand more people or moves farther south. Beyond that, I challenge you to find that much difference between the FCS and the Sun Belt, MAC/other crappy small FBS conferences, especially after this week. NDSU is right where it needs to be and Taylor has been acknowledging that this week in most of what I’ve seen.

    • Who wants to travel to those games? We have the best of both worlds right where we are in the Valley. We get to beat up on BCS teams, have home playoff games and win championships!

  2. Am I the only one getting the feeling we might be heading for an NDSU-EWU national title game? Yeah our conference will be tougher, but still, that would be the perfect “full circle” moment for this group of seniors whose title run really began with that loss as freshman.

    • I am feeling that too. Obviously we gotta get through a tough MVFC. SDSU, UNI and Youngstown are gonna be tough games! I still believe it is possible for the Bison to run the table. Injuries to key people can always change things. The Jacks game will be a head knocker. The Jacks gotta think that if they can beat the Bison and Northern Iowa in Brookings that they have a chance to win the MVC and maybe host throughout the playoffs as the Bison have the last two years. This should be a great year week to week in this conference! Go Bison!

      • I don’t think NDSU goes undefeated in the Valley. Hasn’t happened the last two years. Maybe it’s UNI or SDSU, or maybe it’s out of the blue like the last two years. But I just don’t think it happens in a year where the Valley is probably better than the past two.

  3. It is way better to dominate the FCS. We are at our peak right now next year’s team would have never beaten K state. I hate to say it but after this year we will still be a top 25 team but no longer the undisputed number 1 overall team.

    • I think next year is a reload year not a rebuilding year. The younger players are seeing how it is done and are going to want to keep it going. Might be underestimating next years team and I’m sure the rest of the conference and fcs are hoping you are right. They are going to be saying there they go again and if that happens it just might be for another good 3-4 year run.

    • I am really excited for next year. We have a lot of talented underclassmen that will have something to prove. There are also a lot of Jr.s starting on this team.

      Who’s to say we will peak this year? 4-Peat!!!

    • I don’t think we will be as good as this year right out of the gate but we will still be loaded. Next year we will have these key starters back- DB’s- Heagle, CJ Smith, Dudzik, LB’s-Littlejohn, Beck DL- Emanuel, WR-Vraa, RB-Crockett, FB-Bonnet, OL-Haeg, Colville, Zack Johnson. Plus other players who have had a great deal of playing time-Moody, Gebhart, Hinz, Schaetz. So obviously the cupboard is far from bare.

  4. Just wanted to comment on what people thought of the job Fox Sports 1 did on Friday. I think it was the first time that watching these games that the announcers actually were fair to both teams. They seem to have done their homework on the Bison which was refreshing. IMO

    • Way better then any other nationally telivised game as far as knowledge and fairness, including both NC games. Joey Harrington was pretty good. You could tell he did his research when he brings up the drive against GSU in the semi-final game and talking about other players. Best quote from him was at the end of the game before the final kneel down he ssays, “I have nothing else to say.” You could tell he was truely impressed, but not surprised that the Bison won. FS1 does a good job. I have watched other games on there and their production and on air guys are really good. Not sure if they will ever be a threat to the monster of ESPN; but they will be successful.

    • I thought they did a good job. They missed one play coming back from a commercial break. Got a couple players names wrong but overall for one of their first games I thought they did good. The HD was excellent and Joey Harrington was very complimentary of the Bison. Wouldn’t mind having them do more of our games!

      GO BISON!!!

    • I didn’t like when they came back from commercials and shrunk the screen down to have more ads on the right side and bottom of the screen. We just watched a ton of commercials we didn’t need more ads. Other than that I thought they did a pretty good job.

  5. Come and join Tolna boosters, Larimore team makers and another bus (untitled for now). We are at middle of lot, just north of the rode that divides the lot

  6. I hope we can come down from this win and realize we need to move on and play our next game Saturday.

    • The key isn’t coming down from this win to play this game or even the next one. They can beat Ferris Bueller State and Delaware STate with their eyes closed. The real test of whether everyone’s moved on from it comes in three weeks in Brookings when conference play begins.

      K-State was a signature moment but make no mistake, the games that matter the most to this team and to the big goal, another title, are against SDSU & UNI and our conference. And I have a feeling those two game will be just as difficult, if not more so, than K-State was.

  7. Felt the same way. Harrington really knew his stuff about both teams and I would have to say it was the best non-local media call of a game BY FAR that I’ve ever heard.

  8. Think small be small the north dakota way. Take this time in our lifetimes to push the envelope demand that NDSU gets what it so richly deserves. NDSU is a FBS program and after being in manhattan & Lincoln for games this weekend I’d take fargo all day long over them.

    • Unfortunately that’s not a sell you can make to a major conference. Manhatten draws the Kansas City market. Lincoln and Omaha are bigger markets by themselves than Fargo.

      It’s not about small time thinking, the REALITY is we are small. If we were closer to Minneapolis (to the point where we practically were in there market) then it could happen. But conference realignment is like real estate….it’s all about location, location, location.

  9. Well Reality you’re probably right when it comes to what the norm is to the of the country. When it comes to the upper Midwest there is something different not the norm and that is how far people are willing to travel. When they talk markets what do they really mean because my argument would be NDSU will be more of a regional market meaning they would draw from a lot larger area to include Winnipeg and Minneapolis. If the Bison where shown more on Fs1 or FSN in the cities they would get some of the pie because the quality of the football, alternative to the the B10, and ties to Fargo. That is why B12 is my choice of conferences because of more interest with Texas,OU and KS we would compete with the B10 for the tv dollar.

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