Wanted: pre-game show location

Bison tailgaters in the past have been very welcoming to the Media Blog pre-game show, and we’re looking for something similar this year. We can’t guarantee water in the face of Eric Peterson every show but who knows what will happen this season. If anybody is gracious enough for us to use your table or bar stools for a few minutes, please email myself (jkolpack@forumcomm.com) or Mr. Dom (dizzo@wday.com).

4 thoughts on “Wanted: pre-game show location

  1. We would be willing to host the pregame show at the ‘Locker Room’ tailgating rig. We have two spots for the Locker Room at the north-most end of the tailgating lot (I believe they are 54 &55); the NDSU dance team sits adjacent to us, if that helps. Come take a look, as we would thoroughly enjoy providing you folks with food and refreshments.


  2. We would love you guys at our tailgating spot. We have 3 MCI buses hook up in a u shape. Tolna Team Makers, Larimore Team Makers & Sweney & boys. We are located middle of west lot, just north of road that divides the lot.

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