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And you thought the NerdStats were going to end once the season started! Just working on some things for the opening pregame show of the season and came across some interesting tidbits that wanted to share:

Game Program for 1999 NDSU-Ferris State matchup (NDSU Athletics Archive)

NDSU NerdStats For Ferris State game:

  • Ferris State is named after Woodbridge Nathan Ferris, former governor of the state of Michigan, but most importantly, he was a graduate of Oswego State University, known for some major alums like Al Roker, Steve Levy and someone else I know. More on him Saturday.
  • As many know, this is the 2nd meeting NDSU will have Ferris State, the Bulldogs known much more for their D-1 hockey program, lost in 1999 to the Bison 55-35, that started a streak where NDSU has won 14 consecutive home openers, the last one they lost was in 1998 to Emporia State.
  • For a state that has plenty of football playing schools in it, Michigan is not a state that NDSU has matched up frequently. Consider that most of the programs in the state are either FBS or D2, there are NO FCS programs in the state, but going thru the archives, I was intrigued to see who NDSU has played from Michigan:
  • Michigan State (yes that Michigan State!): 1916 and 1930, Bison lost 30-0 and 19-11 respectively
  • Ferris State: mentioned earlier in 1999, a Bison win
  • Grand Valley State: D2 powerhouse, Bison hosted them in 1991, after winning the championship and lost 21-17
  • Eastern Michigan: the school formerly known as the Hurons, now Eagles, played them in 1970 to a 14-14 tie.
  • University of Detroit: they no longer sponsor football, played a long time ago; 1919, a 48-0 loss and 1953 a 33-6 defeat.
  • Northern Michigan: a common regular season and playoff opponent in the D2 days, the Bison racked up an 8-4 record against.
  • Central Michigan: current fans of the program will go back to this game as a major eye opener, Bison won 44-14 over the Chippewas, a team that went on to win the MAC championship that year and play in a bowl game. The head coach of that team Butch Jones, who now coaches at Tennessee is a Ferris State alum. See how it all ties together?!


11 thoughts on “Ferris State Gameweek NerdStats

  1. Knew of Ferris St. and their football team, never had any idea they had a hockey team, would have to say if your not from a school that has hockey or from Michigan, their football team is definitely the most known around the country, if you have heard of them at all.

  2. Dom:
    quick question……..the Bison supposedly played K-State once before last Friday and there was a stat listing they had lost then. When and where was that game, and what was the score?

  3. There’s another NDSU connection with this game. Carlin Landingham, Ferris State’s starting LT, was an NDSU recruit in the class of 2008.

  4. Hey Dom, Ferris State has a guy covering their team named Dominic too, maybe you should get him on the blog with you for Saturday’s game. Overwell Kolpack and Big E with 2 Dom’s!

  5. Speaking of nerd stats!
    I have been a follower of the Sagarin rankings for many years. I feel it has always been the most accurate and takes into account , many factors. Ndsu is ranked 49 in the first weeks poll in Sagarin. Next FCS is UNI but a ways down. You will be able to see many things based on this poll. In my belief, ferris buehler’s day off will be a tougher opponent than delaware state. Check the rankings list to see where Sagarin has del state.

  6. They play in one of the best D2 conferences in the nation and beat Grand Valley State. They are fully funded unlike D1 teams like Prairie View. These guys would beat Prairie View handily. Not only that they run a tricky offense that is hard to prepare for. This is their superbowl. Better not be looking past them

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