FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 2

NDSU hasn’t lost a home opener since 1998 when Emporia State came to Fargo and knocked off the Bison. They have won every opener since starting in 1999 with Ferris State, the same team that comes to town tomorrow. Don’t forget we’ll be in the tailgating lots tomorrow, come find us at 1pm and bring your signs and enthusiasm for the Bison PreGame Show, you never know what will happen, last year we had mascot heads, live animals and a graduation cap and gown, join us won’t you? Now week 1 was fairly tight between Jeff and I, I was undone by Indiana State, but let’s hope for a comeback this week. Some great games Saturday and the FCS-FBS record could potentially fall. Here we go!

                                                                                  DOM (9-5)      JEFF (11-3)

  • Missouri State at Iowa                                 Iowa                 Iowa
  • Indiana State at Purdue                              Purdue             Purdue
  • Quincy at Western Illinois                           WIU                   WIU
  • (8) New Hampshire at Central Michigan      UNH                  CMU
  • Morehead St at (25) Youngstown St.            YSU                  YSU
  • Drake at (9) Northern Iowa                           UNI                   UNI
  • (15) James Madison at Akron                     Akron                 JMU
  • Albany at Colgate                                      Albany               Albany
  • (14) Wofford at The Citadel                         Woff                  Woff
  • (16) Eastern Illinois at Southern Illinois       EIU                   SIU
  • (7) SDSU at North Dakota                            SDSU                UND
  • (4) Sam Houston St at Texas A&M               A&M                 A&M
  • South Dakota at Kansas                              KU                    KU
  • (5) Central Arkansas at Colorado                UCA                  Col
  • (3) Montana State at SMU                           SMU                 SMU
FBS Game Of The Week
  • (14) Notre Dame at (17) Michigan         Michigan                 ND

26 thoughts on “FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 2

    • This is UND’s big chance to make an FCS statement, I’m guessing its coaches have been studying the last two NDSU-SDSU tapes extremely hard. Plus, I think UND’s receivers are outstanding at home. It’s an upset pick, agree with that.

      • I don’t think UND is better than EIU was last year and we know what happened there. I think SDSU wins big.

      • I agree its an upset. But I just do not see how UND can hang with SDSU physically. If that Vaplo game is any indication no way this is close SDSU all day long

        • UXD showed a bit of something today…..However, If you want to win games you need a Defense. A few more stops and they could have won that game. BTW…Is it me or did ZIG and Co. call a questionable game….Thoughts anyone I am bit puzzled by the play calling and personal decisions?

  1. Iowa
    SDSU (close game SDSU is a slow starting team)
    Most interesting game is Sam Houston A&M

  2. Iowa
    Western Illinois
    Northern Iowa
    James Madison
    Southern Illinois
    SDSU-34 UND-10 UND will be much improved and could sneak into the playoffs. But the Jacks have a great defense and are loaded with studs at QB , RB and a strong O-Line. I would be shocked if the Sioux keep it close.
    Texas A&M
    Michigan runs through and over the Irish! There is a reason they don’t wanna play the Wolverines anymore!

  3. Iowa over Missouri State
    Indiana State over Purdue
    Western Illinois over Quincy…why do Valley teams keep scheduling them?
    New Hampshire over CMU
    Youngstown State and UNI will beat their non scholarship foes
    Akron will beat James Madison
    Albany will beat Colgate…but why did you pick this game?
    The Citadel will beat Breitenstein-less Wofford
    Matchup of the week: SIU over EIU
    SDSU over North Dakota
    Sam Houston doesn’t have a chance at A&M
    Kansas over South Dakota
    Colorado will win; they are better this year and won’t lose to Central Arkansas
    Montana State will beat Southern Methodist but will start feeling paranoid about their payout to NDSU and what the matchup this week could have been like for FCS fans everywhere.

    • Nope want MSU to win…Dream season goes like this
      MSU at home second round of playoffs then EWU in Frisco. Game ball gets sent to Bill Fette with a note saying thanks for the……..

  4. FCS Pick ’em Episode II “Dom Strikes Back”

    I like the EIU, SDSU, and UCA picks Dom. I think you even it up this week.

  5. UND will try to air the ball but Jack Rabbits D Line will pressure the Sioux QB and I dont see a lot of catch-able balls throws by UND.

    JackRabbits will have their way in offense, they will throw, run and have a good execution rate, dont see UND D line getting anywhere closer to their QB.

    JackRabitts will win without a doubt , but the margin depends on Jack Rabbits and how aggressive they are.

  6. ◾Missouri State at Iowa Iowa
    ◾Indiana State at Purdue Purdue
    ◾Quincy at Western Illinois WIU
    ◾(8) New Hampshire at Central Michigan CMU
    ◾Morehead St at (25) Youngstown St. YSU
    ◾Drake at (9) Northern Iowa UNI
    ◾(15) James Madison at Akron Akron
    ◾Albany at Colgate Albany
    ◾(14) Wofford at The Citadel Woff
    ◾(16) Eastern Illinois at Southern Illinois EIU, dig out the resume Coach Lennon
    ◾(7) SDSU at North Dakota – SDSU, Jacks will have to grind it out and keep the UND defense on the field. If Jacks defense can get pressure, that will hamper the only thing UND has, a passing attack. If UND scores on quick passing drives, and SDSU pounds the ball, it will be punishing day for UND defense.
    ◾(4) Sam Houston St at Texas A&M – A&M, but I hope Bearkats get lucky season injury hit on precious Johnny football
    ◾South Dakota at Kansas – Kansas, but is there a chance?
    ◾(5) Central Arkansas at Colorado – Colorado
    ◾(3) Montana State at SMU – Please SMU, but I do believe Montana St has a legitimate chance
    FBS Game Of The Week
    ◾(14) Notre Dame at (17) Michigan – Michigan at home,

  7. I’d be shocked if UND could even hang for most of the game with the Jacks.
    Hoping for Sam Hou St. to keep the A&M game interesting, too.
    JMU will beat Akron, too.
    GO BISON!!!!!!!!

  8. Don’t think this is a chance for a ‘statement’ game for UND, with Montana, Montana state, EWU, northern Arizona on the horizon.

  9. Dom saying NDSU has only lost one home opener in the dome is like K State saying Synder had only lost one home opener in his previous 21 seasons, and it was his first home game. Whoops!

  10. Hey guys I was just paging through my Sports Illustrated and on page 39 is a picture of John Crockett and an article on the Bison win over Kansas State!
    Go Bison!

  11. If SDSU can’t win this game, they will get crushed by the
    Bison and might as well hang it up for the season.

  12. SDSU won the game, were up 28-7 before UND got close for another moral victory. Come on, Zenner had 295 yards rushing. UND did not get their signature win again.

    • Thanks for the update. Hadn’t heard the outcome of that game and this was the only source I was going to check to find out. Thanks again, dillweed.

    • By the sound of the radio and coaches you would have thought they got ripped off and should have won the game. It’s called playing bad with a lead. 28-7 and 35-14. SDSU owned UND when it counted.

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