Bison PostGame Show vs Ferris State

The train keeps on rolling for NDSU, the Bison beat Ferris State 56-10 for their 11th consecutive win and 30th win in the last 32 games. Craig Bohl won his 91st career game, tying Rocky Hager for most career wins at NDSU in the process. The biggest story of the game may be the fact that Brock Jensen had to wear number 18 after his jersey 16 was stolen out of the Bison locker room. Jensen goes on and throws for a career high 259 yards, throwing just four incomplete passes. Join Big E, Jeff and I for a complete breakdown of the game and a look at the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Ferris State

  1. Don’t care for the e-props. Just like to see and hear your analysis. The lee korso act is old so do your own thing. How about the e-taste challenge. Have the tailgaters offer up tasty morsals to E and pick the best of three each game.

    I was thinking out loud as to what will happen when the vogue thing wears off. There are a lot of fair weather popularity contest game goers out there now. Hope they will still cheer when we are done.

  2. Done with what???? Winning?????? Man, you’re selling our recruits (FR, RFR,, and Sophs.) short. The word is R-E-L-O-A-D.

  3. i love the e-props, the whole idea of down to earth guys having fun, talking football. don’t listen to the detractors. thanks for all you do.

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