Sunday Night Ramblings: Week 2 Edition

The national landscape was pretty tame yesterday as opposed to last week, but there was no way Saturday was going to top last week, but there were three more FCS schools to get wins to bring the season total to 11. NDSU heads into the bye week relatively healthy, will update that tomorrow with Jeff, here tonight we’ll break down the weekend. Also the NDSU men’s basketball team landed its 2nd verbal in 6’4 combo guard Paul Miller out of Wisconsin, he averaged 18 points a game last season, Miller had an offer from The Citadel along with NDSU.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Night Ramblings: Week 2 Edition

  1. Absolutely it’s 11 wins. It all comes down to 22 more scholarships. Doesn’t matter if your program is garbage or not.

  2. There seems to be more bad FBS teams than in the past. Too many teams have moved up that never accomplished much of anything at the FCS level.

  3. Remember App State forced a great coach in Jerry Moore out to move up to FBS. It sounds like his replacement is struggling.

  4. So, Lennon loses two years in a row to EIU. Is the Lennon era at SIU coming to a close? It is a good thing they have Charleston and Southeast Missouri coming up the next two weeks. They need to softies to shore up their record.

  5. I noticed at about 4:30 of the blog video, the backs of the three last names on the Montana jerseys in screen read, in order: Counts, Canada, and Richards. I wonder if anyone has a true Count of how many Richards there are in Canada?

  6. Dom I know there is another Plankers playing in Kindred. Is he a D-I talent? Do you know of any other North Dakota or Minnesota kids the Bison are looking at or anyone specifically in F-M? I have heard that Moorhead has a very good defensive lineman, I believe his name is Rodriguez. Do you know anything about him? Thanks Dom!

  7. Since you mentioned the basketball tidbit….just saw this from down south: Cody Larson, SDSU’s transfer from Florida, was granted a waiver by the NCAA and is eligible to play this season. Got in legal problems for the Gators, but is a huge presence inside and was a SD prep star. The Jacks chances for a three-peat in the Summit likely just went WAY up.

    • Not sure I agree with that. NDSU & Denver have far more starters back. SDSU had most of Wolters supporting cast back but they’ll still be different minus him. Still, if this Larson kid gets his head on straight, they’ve basically added an SEC power forward to their roster. The Jacks probably go from a perimeter team to a more inside low post team. In any case, he’ll give them a good guy inside to go up against Braun and what Denver will throw at them.

      Bottom line: Between NDSU, SDSU and Denver, the Summit League Tournament will be an absolute war.

      • It will be tough for NDSU or Denver to beat the Jacks in Sioux Falls. It is like trying to beat the Bison football team in the Fargodome. It is a huge advantage for both SDSU teams. I think the Jacks hoops team has become like the Bison football team, they will lose players but reload. The Jacks will be much better than anyone thinks this year. Just like the Bison football team next year. Go Bison!

        • That is very true and it could become even more of an advantage when they open the new building and start pushing 10-13 K Jacks fans in for those games. Still, I really like what NDSU has back and, for everything against them last year, they only lost by six in the finale and tied it late. But I think we’ll all be surprised by just how good DU is.

          • I agree the new building will be a huge advantage for both USD and SDSU. To bad Fargo will never get the bid for that tourney. But I just don’t see Sioux Falls losing it with a new arena and the fact that they are more of a central location with the other schools than we are. From what I have heard you are right Denver sounds like a loaded team. Go Bison!

  8. Another wisconsin guard with no offers. Are we afraid of the twin cities kids? Serious question cmon Freddy Coleman we need some minneapolis muscle down low!

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