Bison Video Blog: Brock Jensen “Jerseygate” update and more

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32 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Brock Jensen “Jerseygate” update and more

  1. If Travis Beck was dinged up in the Ferris State game, why was he still on the field when we were up 35-0 in the 2nd quarter? I was very disappointed that the backups didn’t get to see more meaningful playing time.

  2. The jersey is being held ransom by the South Dakota State football team for the return of the Dakota Marker. Please drop off the marker in a plain brown paper wrapped package at the border of ND and SD off I-29. No FBI or CIA, or the jersey will be burned at the stake on the original site of the Dakota Marker. Comprende Bizon?

    • Keep it. We’ll just make another one. The Rock will stay here in Fargo until you can beat us on the field. Oh and tell the olineman that hurt Perry, he better have his head on a swivel!

  3. Jeff I thought the Jacks would whip the Sioux, you called for the upset you were much more right then I was. Are the Sioux better than most of us thought or are the Jacks not quite as good as we thought? I didn’t understand why the Jacks kept passing at the end of the game when they wanted to run some clock when they had run with great success all day???

    • Stig must of been working on the passing game. He knows ZZ will not be running for 100 yards on us much less 295. lmao!

  4. Jacks were up 28-7 with a minute to go in the 3rd Quarter. Zenner had almost 300 yards rushing against the UND defensive. The Jacks were on the road, it was UND’s superbowl. SDSU won, UND lost, plain and simple.

  5. UND’s superbowl will be when the shorttails from Bozeman come to town. You heard it here. UND wins in an upset.

    • It’s just not going to happen. They have to have some D if they want any sniff at the playoffs and it’s just not going to happen. They were at home and played the game of their lives…and lost. Playoffs are a long way off for UND. A looooooong way.

    • Why? You really want to see a beating? It would be worse then that Ferris State game. Bartels and Mollberg would probably both have to be carried off the field. UN_ has no running game or defense. They will lose to UM, MSU and EWU. Heck probably UNC again! lmfao!

  6. Not a UND Hater here: Caught the game and SDSU, I think, thought the hay was in the barn a little earlier than they should have. After Zenner broke the long one to go up 35-14 they stopped running Zenner for the next two series and, after it was 35-21, actually passed a couple times.

    Not taking anything away from UND’s comeback but I do think, once they were up 35-14, the Jacks philosophy changed. Otherwise no doubt in my mind they keep running Zenner and let him break 300 and probably get at least one more score.

    I don’t know that UND is that far from the playoffs. It’s an expanded field and they play in the second best conference in FCS. I do think most Big Sky teams would struggle with more physical Valley teams, so the defensive numbers are a bit exaggerrated. But the rest of the Big Sky doesn’t impress me. They’ll see a lot of teams that are offense first and defense a distant third or fourth. I’m not sold that Montana’s back and with McGee out Montana State becomes winnable. UND needs some breaks but they could sneak in as 23rd or 24th team. The trick would be them winning to set up a second round matchup (presuming NDSU has the bye). Still, I’d love it, and it does seem the only way these two could match up. Funny thing is our next opponent, Delaware State, had a similar situation a few years ago when they played Delaware (led by Joe Flacco at the time I think) in the playoffs. Those schools don’t traditionally play each other and that playoff meeting was the first in many years.

    • Can you imagine the scene if UND played the Bison in the Dome for a playoff game?!?! They might have to reinforce the Dome roof

  7. Actually, UND made alot of correctable mistakes that really cost them, and played nowhere near their potential. If that Sdsu performance is the best the valley has to offer other than the bison, there isn’t a team that will come within 30 points of ndsu in conference play.

  8. As unlikely as it is for the undies to make the playoffs, it is even less likely they could win a first round game to be able to play the Bison.

  9. sdsu played poorly with a huge lead. i think the und receivers are really good but when you cant run the ball or stop the run and have to throw 50 times per game and get destroyed on top , your going to have turnovers and lose a lot of games

  10. Seriously, lets all calm down about a UND/NDSU playoff game. They have a tough road to even get a winning record. Why is it that whenever NDSU football does something, UND has to brought into the conversation?? Let them stand on their own merrits…which isn’t much.

  11. I gotta say I didn’t give the Sioux any chance of even keeping the game close last week and they had a shot late in the game. I wouldn’t bet they would make the playoffs but if they strings some wins together who knows? Go Bison!

  12. I know this was already brought up on Bisonville but I’m bringing it up again.
    I couldn’t stand when Marcus had a big hit and did the high step ,taunting , big man thing after the play. Looks as though he has never made a big hit before.

    If I were a ref he would have been flagged. If I were the coach I would have pulled him out of the game for a couple plays and had a little chat.

    I don’t mind being pumped up and giving high fives, but he looked way too cocky and not the way I picture a typical Bison making a big play.

    Go Bison!

  13. NDSU will play Deleware next. The Bison will be covered on the east coast and all over the Dakotas. If we played Und The Bison and NDSU would only be covered in North Dakota and chances are the negatives would = the positive.

    Und demonstrated for all what they are when NDSU made the move. All of us here at NDSU have enjoyed their football ever since. It couldn’t have been better if they had played every game in Fargo but the Siouxfalls game belonged up there for the und fans to enjoy in person. Toe-to-toe is reserved for the big signature moral victories.

    1 game if the price is right just like everybody else.

    • Actually, NDSU plays Delaware State next. I hate it when the national press confuse North Dakota State and North Dakota, the least we can do is be correct in how we refer to universities in a similar situation. But, the rest of your post Big 3 made any sense anyway so we will have to give you a pass.

      Jeff, there is no question that there has been a change in philosophy in GF. Yes, the North Dakotans were able to stop the run, but that was under a head coach that came from a defensive coordinator philosophy, Dale Lennon. Mussy was the OC under Lennon and it is obviously offense first. I will say this, he has recruited the best WR group west of the Mississippi and I think everyone of their top four receivers are better than anything the Bison have, and it pains me to say that. When I look on Rivals, it does not appear that NDSU gave any of those WRs a whiff in recruiting. What is up with that?

      • I think Bohl has done just fine with the players he has gone after. Maybe it is just he did not feel they would fit his system or they would be happy in it.

  14. No question there has been a change in philosophy in GF? That’s your premise? LOL

  15. NDSU just beat KSU with a tremendous wide receiver corps. We don’t need UNDs wide outs. They do. Remember it’s toe to toe with Idaho and they still need a signature win outside of the moral victory realm the radio guys were talking about. Old is no excuse guy.

  16. I would take Ryan Smith over any of their wide receivers in a heart beat. He isn’t flashy, just gets the job done. And he is a winner. Just like the Bison football program.

  17. Yea, that old guy just doesnt make any sense. Wants to start something because another team has what he believes is the cliched “real deal”. NDSU has some of the best Wide outs in the division and Zenner has 125 yds in 3 starts against the Bison.

    Just remember where the pride is and dont forget the traditions that are carried on by the Dakota Big 3. USD did well this past weekend holding their own against KU Jayhawks. The Mighty Land Grants won. Good weekend for the schools that carry on the great college athletic traditions here in the Dakotas: NDSU, SDSU and USD.

  18. Montana over the undies by 14. Weird how it won’t count in the standings.
    Only EW, Cal Poly, and Montana are the decent teams in the Big Sky.
    Youngstown vs. MSU going to be interesting, imo.
    GO BISON!!!!!!!!

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