A Day To Read And Remember

As NDSU works through the first of two bye weeks during the regular season, wanted to pass along some links for people to read and comment on with no football this weekend, first the usual Sports Network bracketology is out with NDSU in an interesting bracket.

  • Dennis Dodd has his weekly power rankings out and in all rarities it includes two FCS teams, NDSU clocks in at 17.
  • Joe Scalzo, beat writer for Youngstown State, has an article on the Penguins upcoming matchup with Michigan State and future games with the Big 10.

As many that read the blog and watch us here, I’m a native New Yorker and while September 11th means a lot to everyone, it strikes a different chord with me. I was in New York City a month before the attacks, I have several friends that worked at or near the World Trade Center and to look back at the video it’s hard not to remember exactly what you were doing. Two years ago I decided to look back at how 9/11 affected NDSU and it was direct to the football team with the cancellation of one of the most high profile games in recent memory with Maine.

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  1. I remembe leading up to that game being pumped to watch a DIAA team come to Fargo to see how we would do. It was the right thing to do to not play. I remember the NFL not playing that weekend, but did most college game play or not, cant remember. I do remember the next home game vs South Dakota on 9/29 being pretty special. The pregame was great with hundreds of firefighters, police, first responders, military on the field. There have been many stories about how sports helps heal loss and more helps get people back into a sense of normal life; none more evident then the Yankees run that fall in the Workd Series. But that day in Fargo was good for even us North Dakotans to again have something to cheer aobut.

      • True, but that postseason run, getting to the world series, and those 2 walk off wins at Yankee Stadium did a lot giving those fans reason to cheer when for weeks before they did anything but.

        • I am a lifelong Twins fan but I wanted the Yankees to win that world series for the city of NY and their fans. That run was as great a run as I can ever remember. Jeter and Co. were fantastic! That was a great example on how great sports can help people heal during a horrific time. I was talking today about where I was and what I was doing when I heard of the attacks in NYC. We can only hope that is never happens again in our country or any country.

  2. 9/11 RIP. NDSU players don’t have a bye week, they are practicing tues/wed/thur/sat that’s dedication. These kids are extremely focused and it shows in the way they play.

    NDSU basketball schedule is out, lets get this town a lil more excited about the bball team. Should be a great year

  3. I love Bison hoops. But to rival the attention and the devotion that the FB squad gets, they need to win, baby. A signature win would be great. A conference championship would be better. A competitive first round NCAA game would fill some of the seats at the BSA. It might even get people excited enough to finish the fundraising to make that barn into an arena suitable for a D-1 team.

  4. At this point I’d have EWU as the 2 seed and UNI as the 3 seed and Nicholls State as the 4 seed. Those teams have way more impressive wins than the teams seeded above them.

  5. Lets hope UND replaces Northern AZ. That would make for a fun second round game if UND were to win the first game.

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