The value of the West Coast quarterback

Brock Jensen delivers against Kansas State

The statistical nerdstat that Brock Jensen threw for a career-high in passing yards in the win over Ferris State was interesting in the actual yardage — 259 yards. That’s not alot for a quarterback in his fourth year as a starter but it makes for an interesting point on his value.

In comparison, UND quarterback Joe Mollberg came off the bench last week and threw for the exact same yardage, 259, in just over a quarter of play. As a loyal blog reader pointed out, they had almost identical statistics: Jensen was 19 of 23 for 259 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. Mollberg was 15 of 23 for 259, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Chalk one up for the West Coast offense. The day the Bison start winging it all over the place is the day they are losing a game by two or more touchdowns by halftime and are faced with rally mode. When a team is 30-2 over the last three years and 34-5 with Jensen as a starter, there have been very few of those instances if any.

The losses haven’t been decided until the fourth quarter. Although they teetered on the brink of getting leveled even in the 2009 3-8 season (Iowa State, UNI), the last time the Bison arguably got blown out of the water was 37-6 at Cal Poly in 2005. Yes, 259 isn’t a career high to write home about, but the West Coast offense alternative of having to throw to catch up is much worse. It’s a power offense, not a passing offense.

Jensen’s value is in his toughness, running ability, clutch play, completion percentage and third down conversion rate.

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  1. Being at the Kansas St. Game. I can tell you Brock had a fire that he was not going to lose that game. Good quarterbacks manage a drive, great ones put the team on their back and inspire them to the finish. After that drive, I put Brock with Bertram and Walker. Great job Jeff on the insight, keep it going, see you again, hopefully 2-3 times this year and the last one in Texas.

  2. It always surprises me how often UND is brought into a conversation on a Bison site. Even Mr. Kolpack has UND on his mind. They just can’t get UND out of their mind in Fargo. Just have to get that dig in about UND. It is actually kind of funny.

    • Kolpack was just comparing two different styles of offense with two teams that most people in this region are familiar with. The conversation wasn’t about which team is better or if the teams should play each other. It was a straight up, objective comparison.

    • What the heck? Let’s have them play each other!! It seems to me that there was a common open date this year……
      GO BISON!!!!!!!!

    • Ben if it is a Bison blog then explain how you know UND always comes up and why you are here on the Bison blog?

    • Even more funny how UN_ fans come on the Bison site. Must have bison on their minds still! Ha…too ironic!!

      • The reason UND fans come to Fargo sites is the large amount of UND talk that goes on there. Any more questions?

        • No questions your honor, but an observation in irony: you, a UN_ fan, troll Bison sites to see if they are talking about UN_ which you then comment about Bison fans ‘still can’t forget about UN_’…on a Bison site! Come on…you must see how ironic that is. Right?

          • Once again. I come to these sites to read about UND. There is just way to much material here. Do you understand now? There is no irony. It is just fact.

        • What kind of information on UND are you reading on this blog site? Coach’s and players’ comments? Info on their QB battle? An in-depth look at UND’s next opponent? Just because UND is sometimes mentioned on this site doesn’t mean that UND is being talked about or discussed.

    • OMG you remind me of that one person at work who is always trying to get a head off the back of others—this was just a comparison that fit neatly in a larger discussion as to where Jensen fits in as one of the all time Bison best. Its not a pissing match between UXD and SU. Trust me son, you don’t wont to see that team compete against this team this year!

  3. There are plenty of open dates in the playoffs, I’ll bet the Bison will be there. Not so sure about UND.

  4. Brock is a winner. He has “it”. That is all.

    Other QB’s may put up bigger numbers. They may be flashier. They may get more hype.

    Give me the guy who gets the win!

  5. The key to the west coast is good defense. You can’t have one without the other. Also we typically destroy teams in the 4th quarter since running the ball wears the defense down. Quick strike means the opponents defense is always fresh

  6. I like the bison and I don’t like the undies. I am one who could care less if they ever play again. It always seems as though, no matter what the sport or game the undies seem to think it is the biggest game of the season. It is a battle not the war analogy. I would rather have the bison win the war. With all of that said the above comparison and story by mr kolpack was great.

  7. Efficient Qb’s are the perfect fit for really good teams. Flashy throws and the big play passes are a blast to watch but do not always = wins. See my favorite nfl team (packers). Keep being efficient Brock and a leader. I want my Christmas trip in frisco again.

  8. Good to see a mention of one of the all-time-great Bison, Chad Bertram.

    Loyal fans are such a blessing to a team.

    • It’s easy passing for a lot of yards when you’re always chasing points because your defense sucks. Stats are for geeks. The only stats that matter are win/loss. Brock is a Winner! Nothing better than watching our offense impose their will and pound the ball. Dominating the time of possession and keeping our D fresh is the key to our success. It’s Bison Football!

    • Oh Jason, buddy! More UN_ fan irony. You screwed up the quote you were making fun of! Awesome! I am loving this! Keep it coming!!

  9. The Dakoa Big 3: NDSU, SDSU &USD, carry on the great traditions of college athletics in the Dakotas. These traditions run deep and carry forward from the old NCC.

    Not all the old NCC schools respect that. The old NCC scattered and all but one Dakota school stayed home. The true Dakota Schools knew what made the NCC Legendary and they stayed home celebrating the great Dacotah traditions in the MVFC & The Summit league.

    The story is about great football, great traditions, loyalty and home. The Dakota Big 3 share that.

    #16 is a great QB in a great system that plays football on the best team ever to play college ball in the Dakotas. It’s only going to get better. If you watch closely you will see shades of the great option attack of old.

  10. The obvious reason why Brock doesn’t throw for tons of yards is that the west coast offense is centered around running the ball and short passes. That along with the fact that we are 34-5 when Brock starts. When you are winning, you dont need to throw the ball. And he will still have all the passing records at years end.

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