FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 3

It was a story that was buried last week underneath the home opener for NDSU and Brock Jensen’s stolen jersey; but we have a tie in the FCS Pick ‘Em after a nice comeback by yours truly. This week promises some tough games to pick, there’s a few FCS-FBS matchups that definitely scream upset. Here we go!

                                                                               DOM (23-7)                    JEFF (23-7)

  • Western Illinois at Minnesota                  Minnesota                     Minnesota
  • (23) Youngstown St at Michigan St         MSU                               MSU
  • (14) Cal Poly at Colorado State               Poly                                Col. St.
  • (13) Stony Brook at Buffalo                      SB                                  SB
  • Delaware at Navy                                      Navy                               Navy
  • Northern Colorado at Wyoming              UW                                  UW
  • (21) Coastal Carolina at (25) E Kenutcky  EKU                            EKU
  • Missouri State at Murray State               Miss. St                         Miss. St
  • Southern Utah at Washington State       WSU                              WSU
  • (15) Montana at North Dakota                 Montana                       Montana
  • (16) Illinois State at (12) Eastern Illinois  EIU                              Illinois St.
  • SE Louisiana at (6) SDSU                         SDSU                           SDSU
  • (2) Eastern Washington at Toledo           EWU                            Toledo
  • Georgia Southern at (10) Wofford            GSU                            GSU
FBS Game Of The Week
  • (1) Alabama at (6) Texas A&M                 Alabama                         Alabama

27 thoughts on “FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 3

  1. Ill take Youngstown for the upset, Ill. State and Wofford. Otherwise your list and mine are the same.

    • As long as Bama wins in College Station. Johnny “I’m a punk” Football needs a reality check in life and he starts to get his on Saturday. He was even lipping off during last weeks SHSU game. REALLY!!!! Show just a little bit of class Johnny, oops that is right you have none.

  2. Forget Brock’s stolen jersey, who is responsible for banning the two-time defending national champion Bison dance team from the field to the student section?

    Whatever the internal situation is, it makes the university look ridiculous. If the cheer team is on the field, if the band is on the field, the dance team should be on the field.

    • From what I have heard, they brought it upon themselves. I agree they should be on the field; but when you don’t play by the rules, you have live with the results.

    • its not NDSU’s dance team, its a club dedicated to dance ndsu has several of these clubs. NDSU has a club dedicated to HAM radio operators—should they HAM group get accesses to the filed as well? They can certainly make an argument for it—-press like don’t you know

    • Willy, I often read Brad Elliot Schlossman’s blogs about UND hockey as I’m a die hard HOCKEY FAN as well as a BISON FOOTBALL FAN. (but have never once commented….so it isn’t trolling) Funny…..there just happened to be another William gauslow calling the football team ’80 miles south of GF’ a bunch of ______________ !!! Anyway, I’m sure that wasn’t you right willy? Hmmmmm??? Just wondering…Go BISON!

  3. ◾Western Illinois at Minnesota – Minnesota
    ◾(23) Youngstown St at Michigan St – MSU
    ◾(14) Cal Poly at Colorado State – Cal Poly, Rams are horrible
    ◾(13) Stony Brook at Buffalo – Stony Brook
    ◾Delaware at Navy – Navy
    ◾Northern Colorado at Wyoming – Should be a breeze for even Wyoming
    ◾(21) Coastal Carolina at (25) E Kenutcky – Eastern Kentucky at home
    ◾Missouri State at Murray State – Murray State, no faith in Missouri State
    ◾Southern Utah at Washington State – Washington State
    ◾(15) Montana at North Dakota – Montana, they look like they are back after whipping App St. No Defense and no run game will continue to plague UND
    ◾(16) Illinois State at (12) Eastern Illinois – Eastern Illinois
    ◾SE Louisiana at (6) SDSU – Zenner… I mean SDSU
    ◾(2) Eastern Washington at Toledo – If Eastern Washington can beat Oregon State, then they should be able to beat Toledo, Eastern Wash.
    ◾Georgia Southern at (10) Wofford – Wofford, don’t let the FCS door hit ya in the a** on your way out Georgia Southern.
    FBS Game Of The Week
    ◾(1) Alabama at (6) Texas A&M – Roll Tide

  4. Minnesota
    Michigan State
    Colorado State
    Stony Brook
    Eastern Kentucky
    Murray State
    Washington State
    Eastern Illinois
    Eastern Washington

  5. Question? Maybe a dumb one or maybe I’m not paying attention but isn’t Western Illinois in the MVFC? We did not play them last year and they are not on the schedule this year. Why?

    • Michael, it’s the uneven schedule for the Missouri Valley, each team misses one for a two-year period, Western Illinois was it in 2012 and ’13, I believe Illinois State is off the Bison schedule for ’14 and ’15.

      • With many teams having trouble finding non-conference opponents, is there any talk of playing all the Valley teams? That would make one less headache trying to fill the schedule.

  6. Minnesota
    Michigan State
    Cal Poly
    Stony Brook
    E Kentucky
    Murray State
    Washington State

    A & M

  7. Game Day in Fargo . . . Unbelievable! This program just keeps getting better and better! Imagine you are a recruit right now who is trying to decide between NDSU and another FCS school. Then next Saturday you are watching Game Day in Fargo! Gotta help the Bison’s recruiting! Go Bison!

  8. I find it ironic that I ripped on your pregame show a bit with Big E and the Lee Korso prop bit, growing a bit old. Then the next scheduled game has ESPN game day and Lee Korso coming to town. Anyway, I still would like to see you guys sampling tailgate fixins during your pregame or postgame shows. We can see the prop gig one time when GAMEDAY is here. I would guess the Bison heads will be coming out. Hope NDSU administration does not put a bunch of restrictions on tailgate activities again.
    Go Bison.

  9. Kind of ironic that, for the people who want NDSU to go FBS, no way Gameday comes here if we’re NOT in FCS. Even if NDSU dominated the Sun Belt or MAC and had the same wins over K-State, Minny, etc, it’s not nearly the same kind of story that it is when they’re the “little guy” from the FCS beating the big boys in FBS in the eyes of national folks.

    • You’re kidding. We are 5 years into D1. Maybe espn wants us to be the next Boise state. Time to seize the moment nd go for it

      • No way. NDSU actually would have to have a conference to go FBS (not happening).

        There was some good timing in this too….the fact the FBS has a lackluster slate of games next week helped. Why do you think they chose the Delaware State game when we’ll have much better games later (UNI)?

        And the D1 thing is now ten years.

        Fact is if we’re just another Sun Belt or MAC program they’re still great wins but they don’t garner the same level of attention. Doing this in FCS kicked things a notch.

  10. This will be such great exposure that you cannot fathom to measure the impact. Just ask Florida A&M, Penn, and Williams.

  11. Hopefully they open the tailgating lots early so all the wonderful NDSU fans can get their tune on and show these guys from the big time what NDSU is all about.

  12. Wait What? You seem clueless. Maybe that is why you use that moniker. Jealous a bit? Hey gotta run and check out UND game and see if ESPN is covering it.

  13. Congrats toNDSU to get this kind of exposure. Listening to post game of the gopher game yestaurday I find it interesting that when something goes well with FCS teams they talk about how poorly gophers play. When will the B10 acknowledge that we play pretty football in the Valley and not just NDSU. Yes the gophers won by 17 but Western held their own for awhile.

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