LIVE Saturday FCS Ramblings Blog

I’m in Grand Forks; join me and let’s talk some FCS football tonight!



27 thoughts on “LIVE Saturday FCS Ramblings Blog

  1. We are getting ESPN Gameday to Fargo and the NDSU blog is live from Grand Forks to cover the worst defensive team in the NCAA?

  2. Why would you go to Grand Forks for a college football game? To watch the University of Montana?

  3. What a game. Hardin is the real deal I’ve been told by folks older than I.

  4. Why the rumblings because he is in Grand Forks? So he went 70 miles to watch a game when the Bison off, big deal. At least he went to go check out a game and enjoy it instead of sitting at home like a bump on a log. I don’t blame him, he enjoys sports.

  5. You guys need to relax… he just went to check out the closest FCS game. No big deal as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work Dom!

  6. Dom, come on man. You’re better than this. When was the last time a gf herald reporter can down to the dome and had a live blog about the Bison?

  7. The Griz are back and they’re our home opener next year. Could get them in the playoffs this year too. Definitely worth watching this team when they’re a short drive away.

  8. Thought the UM vs. UND matchup would have been closer. I don’t blame Dom for checking it out.

    Nice to see NDSU pick up its 4th verbal commitment yesterday.

  9. Montana is for real! is E.Wash…..not sold on Montana ST…….UND Roughriders defense is terrible and no running game!…..keep up the good work Dom!

  10. I’m 100% a Bison fan I but have to say to some of you GROW THE HECK UP!!! Must you really turn into childish 12 year olds the minute UND is mentioned? So the Bison weren’t playing and Dom went to a UND game, big deal!!! Are we really that fragile and weak so as to allow this to throw us into a complete tailspin? Not here it doesn’t.


      • The maturity level some are displaying I begin to wonder if we deserve to have Game Day. I am proud to say I am from Fargo and love to talk Bison football to anyone who will listen here in the cities but if the knuckleheads who have jumped all over Dom get anywhere near the ESPN set it will be an embarassment for Fargo and NDSU.

  11. That is what Joel Heitkamp would say. He can’t say anything good about NDSU without bringing up his school.

  12. How could anyone tell a thing about Montana? That game was all about one team and it wasn’t Montana. It was all about a team that’s the real deal, a team that got some votes in the others receiving votes column, the team that was trying to decide if they should allow The Bison back on their schedule or just wait for the playoffs this year.

    That game was all about them and The media blog was there to try and whip up some of that old rivalry interest, the notion of which is about as pathetic as the football team up there providing all of us here with the Golden age of fighting sue football! They can play The Bison any time they put up the money or realize their true value in the Fabulous Fargo Dome.

  13. What’s the problem with Dom going to a local FCS game? He’s a sports broadcaster who attended an interesting matchup. The title of this current blog is “FCS ramblings blog”.
    I’m a Bison fan and was also interested in that particular game. As far as I know, Dom is not required to answer and respond to the people reading this blog. Nice to get some insight about a couple potential future matchups in the playoffs. Maybe just one potential matchup now.
    I don’t feel Dom has to answer to any of your negative comments. He does a great job of covering the Bison.
    I watched the Bama vs. A&M game. Great game and great football. Hope it’s ok with you guys that I brought that up on here.
    Dom, don’t change your ways because of people with tunnel vision or with their head in the sand. A true FCS fan would realize that the game up north was worth watching, especially with the week off for the Bison.

    Go Bison!

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