Sunday Night Ramblings – Week 3

Biggest news of the weekend; obviously is the fact that College Gameday is heading here to Fargo and NDSU’s game on Saturday against Delaware State, just the 2nd FCS program to host probably ESPN’s 2nd most popular show behind SportsCenter. More on that tonight along with the biggest winners and losers of the weekend, enjoy.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Night Ramblings – Week 3

  1. This GAMEDAY espn is biggest event ever in Fargo or state of north dakota by about 100% You people that can’t comprehend this need to understand this 3 hour commercial for NDSU is just amazing! This just shows that mountain west conference should be begging for NDSU to join.

    • Why should we want to go to the FBS? First off, the MWC doesn’t care how good we are, we’re not in their footprint or a big enough market. And, having watched the other shows they did from non-FBS schools, it’s not going to be three wall-to-wall hours of NDSU. Still going to be great exposure.

      Besides which, if we’re not in FCS this doesn’t happen. If NDSU is just another MAC or Sun Belt team pulling a few upsets, it’s easier to overlook. Being the “little guy” from the “JV” (as Delaney called it) makes the story that much more appealing.

    • Mountain West travel costs for NDSU would be huge.
      Mountain West = 12 teams, 2 six team divisions – no room for NDSU.
      Leaving out Boise St., is it really a step up?

    • This is great for NDSU and maybe draws some interest to our football program and helps with recruiting, but “biggest event ever in Fargo or state of North Dakota”???
      It will be some of the most national press NDSU football has ever received and is a big deal. Guess I’m one of the ones who can’t “comprehend” this as the biggest event ever for Fargo or the state.

      Go Bison!

      • If it isn’t the biggest event in the state the give us an example. There were 5.6 million viewers across the country for College GameDay last Saturday.

        • If your whole life is centered on college football and nothing else, yes, this is the biggest thing to happen to Fargo and the state.
          If you know that there is more to life than football, then this is not the biggest thing ever for the state.
          If you want examples of bigger things for the state lets start with: the oil industry, agriculture, flooding, the FM dam or diversion. Just to name a few.
          Publicity wise and athletically, this is huge for NDSU and the surrounding area.
          To say it is the biggest thing ever for the state is a bit far fetched in my opinion.

          Go Bison!

      • The word Huge is not big enough to describe College Game Day coming to NDSU. Lee Corso in full Thundar dress would be great to see. This is a chance in a lifetime for NDSU, MVC, FCS and the state of ND. We all know how great it is living up here and now we can show the country how great our fans are. Students here is your chance to be loud, be proud and be herd. Go Bison

      • Sorry but the FargoDome IS NOT a good looking back drop for this kind of show and any locations on campus are to small. It’s a national TV show and the last thing they want is to do it in front of a giant brick dome.

  2. This would never be happening if ndsu was FBS. And given the uncertainty in the BCS, moving up would be retarded.

  3. This is a huge event for the atheltics in this state along with NDSU and will give exposure to the State as a whole. I just hope they don’t confuse UND and NDSU on live TV like broadcasters from out of state all do. Not to mention I can’t wait to count how many UND Fans go there just out of spite for the Bison …. When is that in state game going to happen again?

  4. Bison should move to FBS as an independent, no conference affiliation and just schedule 11-12 games with other FBS schools like Kansas, Michigan, Purdue, Minneosta (if they are not scared) Iowa, Nebraska etc..

    • Good god. We can beat them when we have one game scheduled vs. teams of that level, with depth at each position that they have. Playing a full schedule of that would certainly deflate some egos here and on bisonville.

  5. Reality check, guys.

    CGD is a fun deal, nice publicity, and a great boost for recruiting. But the biggest thing that ever happened in North Dakota….??

    I hate to break the news, but the Bison WILL lose games in the future, and WILL NOT win the FCS championship every year. We WILL NOT be building a 30,000 seat stadilium (we can’t fund a decent basketball arena). So, NDSU should not be entertaining some silly move into FBS

    Enjoy what we have going here, and stop running off into fantasy world.

  6. College Gameday is a huge deal in college football but the reason they will be in Fargo on Saturday is because there is no top 25 FBS matchup this week and NDSU is the best FCS program in the country over the last three years.

    Its a pretty sad statement to think that this is the biggest thing to happen to North Dakota. Doesn’t say much for what else the state offers. Who is Florida A & M, Penn, and Williams?…three non-FBS programs that have hosted a College GameDay program and now struggle with winning a football game.

  7. I say we stay with Valley and continue to play big 12 teams. Once the Vikings stadium is built work out a game with Texas, all the Texans here in the cities there would be a lot of interest. If it works out then maybe more games can be played. I think NDSU would be the key for the Big 12 to get into the Mlps market.

      • I guess if I would have said 2 weeks ago that ESPN Game day should come to Fargo. The room would have dumber. You just never know what would happen once the wheel is set in motion.

  8. Its going to be fun in town on Saturday! Downtown will be wild and the game will be packed.

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