ESPN Responds To Site Criticism

For those that missed out on my interview on Dizzo’s Den with ESPN College Gameday Producer Lee Fitting here it is, questions range of why NDSU was selected in the first place to what we can expect on Saturday. Hope this answers what most Bison fans wanted to know.

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  1. Hey Dom or Jeff, do you plan on doing any stories about Lee laying down the challenge of breaking Game Day’s attendance record? I bet you could get 15K downtown esp if you print his challenge. JV stated they FPD is ready to expand streets as they are needed, I say we test them out, break a record and squeeze a bit more publicity out of this thing,

    • Could have shattered the record had it been anywhere near the Dome. They’ll be lucky to get 10,000 in that space now. The stage is going to take up most of the plaza! Getting to and from there is going to be an absolute CF! Just dumb….but they know what their doing! lol

      GO BISON!!!

  2. I bet it was those awesome ‘downtown baby!’ commercials starring Dennis walaker that really influenced espn to decide on this location.

  3. if this guy really wanted to break the record then they would have put it up by the dome/tailgating/campus. ndsu and the city encouraged them to put it dt. this is not about promoting downtown fargo. it’s about NDSU and the Bison football team. it will still be a fun atmosphere, for the 2-3,000 in the pit. broadway is narrow. the ppl in the down several blocks wont be hanging out there long and will head to tailgating.

    putting this dt is increasing traffic. if you have it up by dome most students wouldnt need to drive. i think it will still be fun for many but it will be a disappointment to some. ndsu/espn dropped the ball

    • Done whining yet? The choice has been made, move on. I think it is the best possible location and ESPN College GameDay will be a huge success in Fargo, ND

  4. Make the best of it… prove them wrong! Pack it with 20,000 people! A bunch of complaining isn’t going to help anything.

  5. Did you see how they setup when the University of MN hosted Gameday? Oh yeah, they haven’t ever done it! Enjoy it while it’s here, this doesn’t happen very often and won’t happen in Fargo again!

      • Hey FCS and NDSU hater,, eat the Crap that’s been coming out of your mouth the last 6 months! We are National , I told you This Team is Special .. That it Can compete with most of the FBS!! That they Would beat Kansas State!! And Now GameDay is coming to Us!! Just adds to our Historic Run!! Minnesota Gophers will Never reach this Level !!! Football is the Most Popular Sport and We are on Top of the Mountain!!

    • You need a football team before you can get Gameday; U of Minnesota might be wise to note that.

  6. I would bet a lot of the people complaining about the location have hardly ever watched College Gameday. It is not always right on campus or next to the stadium. This will be a historic event for NDSU. Just be happy they are coming to Fargo. The downtown location will work fine.

    • Yes, lets come together and break the record for a college game day crowd. I plan on parking in my reserved tailgating spot at 7:00 and then heading downtown to see the show. Assuming there is a shuttle that will be going. Head downtown for a couple of hours and the back to the dome to tailgate and watch a Bison victory.

      • You better get down there before then. Rumor has it a bunch of UND fans will be coming to Fargo to show the true colors of ND.

  7. The site has been decided on so we have no choice. The people I feel sorry for are the 4000 NDSU students that were alloted tickets for the game. As their section is “first come, first served”, there are students who will be in line at 6:00 – 8:00 a.m. to get the best seats (even though the doors don’t open until 1:00. They now have to decide, do I get in line to get the best seats for the game or do I go to Game Day and end up in the highest student section seats?

    • Being a former alumni, I would sacrifice a “good seat” for a game that should be a blowout, for a chance to be on ESPN College Gameday any old day of the week. Plus, they have a ticket to get in and there really isn’t a bad seat in the student sections. GO BISON!!!!!!!

      • As someone who camped out overnight for homecoming, I’d rather be downtown at Gameday. They’ll be plenty of blowouts but this is the only time ESPN Gameday will be in Fargo.

  8. I’m just curious to see how early people are going to line up I know a few of my friends are talking about going Friday night or evening

  9. Ok those that are feeling bad for the 4000 students that normally wait in line. This would be a no brainer for me! Who would want to have a good seat in a game when they could have a chance to be on national television! They’ll still be able to get back in line and watch the game. Sure it may not be the best seat but you know what you’ll still be able to watch the game. You won’t get another chance to experience a live national television audience. It’s simple game starts at 2:30. College game day goes from 8am-11am. That leaves plenty of time to get back to the dome. If it wasn’t duck opener I would be out there supporting the green and gold. I’ll be watching though and I hope that people represent fargo and the bison the right way. Don’t be one of those people that goes.. Oooo its not at the dome so Screw you. That’s the wrong attitude. You can handle one weekend of not as hard tailgating or one game of not getting the best seat. College gameday didn’t have to come here and they know what they’re doing. Suck it up Bison fans and show America up.

  10. With Bo Pelini showing signs of discontent in Lincoln after a 2-1 start, I will be the first to start the rumors. Coach Bohl’s 8 year extention for around $240,000 a year with all incentives is nothing compared to the $2-3 million he could demand as a base salary on the Cornhuskers’ sideline.
    Coach Bohl will be out the door down I-29 and hanging a right on I-80 come January 2014 after a third FCS National Championship for the Bison. Enjoy the media, wins and attention in 2013, because things will be changing for the program in about four months.

    • Its happend before to the Bison, football and basketball coaches going to the NFL and BCS schools. The march goes on.

    • I don’t believe Nebraska would hire Coach Bohl. The fans and alumni still talk about the defense Bohl was in charge of when he was fired even when they mention the great job he is doing at NDSU.

    • Well, BT, I beg to differ. As what as been stated before on BV………(1) His son is in school and playing fb right across the creek. He doesn’t have to fly his airplane to watch him play.
      (2) He doesn’t have to deal with the meat-grinding media of a major college program.
      (3) He just signed a long term contract and he has a great working relationship with his AD.
      (4) Wife’s family ties to the area have to play a part.

      • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and Memorial Stadium full of 90,000 screaming Big Red fans as opposed to 19,000 Bison Nation fans in the FargoDome.
        I think his wife and son would understand that the Nebraska job is a dream job that pays in one year what it would take 10 years at NDSU to make.

    • I agree Bigtime, but if you think the program will drop off to losing to the Montana schools by 40 you are crazy. NDSU will not win the title every year but they are always going to be in the mix. But I think the lure of Nebraska, not just for the money, but he went to school there and coached there. It would be the job he couldn’t turn down. Go Bison!

      • Yes, He played in Lincoln, coached at Lincoln, AND was run out of Lincoln; would you return to a place where you are so ”fondly remembered”? Oh, I get it……… THE RETURN OF THE CONQUERING HERO !!!!!

    • By “the first one” do you mean repeating the same rumor that’s risen up multiple times over the last couple of years when Bohl has had a good team and Pelini has underachieved?

  11. Yes it is possible coach maybe gone in January unless there is something bigger in the works for NDSU that would present an enticing challenge for him, but so would the cornhusker job(the only one that would be appealing). IMO

  12. This divided bisonation and what has downtown businesses ever donated to NDSU? They live off ndsu yet never fly the bison flags

    • have you ever been downtown? I’ve always been amazed at how much more NDSU stuff you see there than anywhere in Grand Forks for the whioux

  13. Divided? The business district should be providing buses and after this kick it off for every game. Use the parking ramps and bring people back.

  14. As sad as I would be to see Bohl go, there would most definitely a large number of oc’s, dc’s from big programs banging on Gene Taylor’s door with stacked resume’s chomping at the bit to take over the program that Bohl built.

    • Yep, thats true…it also helps when your school and the fan base support all athletics verses, well 1. Gotta love the fact Bohl made a point to give all of the NDSU sports a shout out……Herd!

    • Bohl ain’t going anywhere, there are personal factors that will keep him here for the foreseeable future!

  15. Every Bison fan within 100 miles of Fargo on Saturday morning – student, alumni, whatever – should be lined up on Broadway wearing yellow. Don’t be a bunch of yahoo rubes and carp about not having ESPN at the tailgate. These people know how to stage television for maximum impact. And carpeting downtown Fargo with loud Bison fans will make an impression that most fans in the FBS world would die for.

    Have to believe that our recruiters are going to be loading up high school footballers to be in Fargo that day. And if they can’t be there – they darned sure will be watching ESPN when CGD comes on the air.

  16. Today the ESPN bus will be arriving at the Fargo theatre at 6 Bison fans are encouraged to line up on broadway to welcome them. It will be televised

  17. Where is the support of downtown businesses. They obviously got this down there so where is the ndsu colors plastered all over? Exactly what diehards were worried about. No pride for ndsu downtown

  18. This is huge for recruiting. Many recruits have the perception that Fargo is a one horse town with nothing going on. With Game Day doing a story on Fargo its huge. The program sells its self. The hard part is selling them on Fargo. Did I say this is huge?

    For all you naysayers ESPN is the expert on this. They dont do all of theirs shows at stadiums. Let them do their job and you do yours by quit bitching and go down town and support the University.

  19. The only people I see still complaining are the ones complaining about the complaining. Bison fans voiced their opinions after the location was announced for a day or so and we’ve mostly moved on to make Gameday great. Get over it already.


  20. I think is was a little more than expressing an opinion, the country laughs like Fitting said “comical”. I’m glad you moved on what choice did you have.

  21. The nonames have a week off. Now the defense can get in some extra time to practice laying down for the Bobcats.

  22. It wouldn’t be Fargo or ND for that matter if somebody wasn’t bitching about it! It’s a grand tradition for folks here to anti something. God forbid something should close the street on there route to get white bread and folgers in the morning! lol

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