Delaware State Game Week NerdStats

I hate to be that guy, but there is an actual game that will be played after College Gameday signs off the air at 11 am Saturday morning, just wanted to give a closer look at the opponents that hail from Dover.

Delaware State enters Saturday’s game with an 0-2 record, being outscored 91-28.

Delaware State (0-2; losses to Delaware and Towson)

  • The Hornets have struggled out of the gates, being outscored 91-28 to both teams out of the CAA.
  • DSU has traditionally been a middle of the road team in the MEAC, making just one playoff appearance, that was 2007, a 44-7 loss to in-state rival Delaware.
  • The Hornets are known for a more ridiculous stat, they suffered the worst loss in FCS history; a 105-0 defeat to Portland State in 1980, led by former St. Louis Cardinals great quarterback Neil Lomax (I had his football card)
  • Delaware State has one current NFL player, offensive lineman Jamaal Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles, their most popular alum is former 49ers wide receiver John Taylor, who caught the winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XXII against Cincinnati.
  • They may have one of the most difficult schedules in FCS, first four games all on the road; at Delaware, at 3rd ranked Towson, at top ranked NDSU, then at Savannah State

Wanted to add this; got an email tonight from Wofford Associate Athletic Director Lenny Mathis; who I met before last year’s FCS Quarterfinal; who wrote this about this weekend:

On behalf of those of us at Wofford, congrats to the good folks of Fargo and NDSU for getting the experience of College Gameday. I see it as carrying the flag for all the good FCS programs out there and having seen Fargo for myself I think it’s great.

To those that are nitpicking the location ESPN is doing NDSU a favor by showing more of the flair of the community than just around the Dome. Nothing against the tailgate atmosphere which is awesome but if they’re making that trip it has to be about more than football.

When Wofford opened the season at Baylor I found myself with others in a cab looking for a place to watch FS1 just to see how NDSU would do at KState. Can’t say I was surprised.

Hope you guys have fun this weekend, I’d expect a enormous mob downtown. ”
Take care,
Lenny Mathis
Assoc AD/ Marketing

That email speaks for itself. Mandatory Gameday info; the construction of the set begins tomorrow morning downtown, we’ll have video of that and much more as we get closer to a wild scene Saturday, the Video Blog will have you covered, Jeff, E and I have big plans!

23 thoughts on “Delaware State Game Week NerdStats

  1. Western Carolina’s schedule much more difficult @MTSU @Va Tech vsThe Citadel and vs Mars Hill. Mars Hill wound pound Savannah St

    • Why is Western Carolina’s 2013 OOC schedule relevant to Bison fans? WCU postponed (aka cancelled) the game, and DSU stepped up to the challenge, and its nice to have some background info on our opponent.

  2. I think Dom said one of toughest. I’m glad we were able to add them. Remember we were at 10 games we add DS then Montana State pulls out and then it took forever to get Ferris State scheduled. Thanks for sharing the E-mail shows there is a lot of respect out there for the Bison and fans. It also shows we need to be careful how critical we get sometimes because the whole country is watching. It’s like getting a free steak dinner then complain how it was cooked. We should be grateful for the opportunity that we have been given. Go Bison.

    • Game Day will be a blast and you are correct that a lot of people are watching nationwide what the Bison do. NDSU and a few other teams carry the banner for FCS and do it very well. We need to stay mindful of what we say and do. When you are at the top there is only one way to go. People will always be looking for something to cast a shadow on you and your program. Just this week someone from Nebraska released an audio recording from two years ago on what the coach said. Let us all show the true spirit of people from this great state and NDSU. Go Bison The March is On!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think the most important question to ask regarding Gameday being here, is obvious. Will Samantha (Steele) Ponder be here with the rest of the crew?

  4. Dom I see the Jacks are looking to upgrade their football stadium by the start of the 2016 season. 18,500 seats at a cost of $60 to $65 million. They built the Dykhouse Center the new indoor track and football facility at $32 million, upgraded Frost arena and that is still ongoing and now are spending $65 million on a football upgrade. Yet the Bison struggled to get $35 million for the new basketball arena????? If they can do all of this shouldn’t the Bison be able to raise $150 million for a Fargodome expansion??? Go Bison!

    • It could be that the state of South Dakota allows their Universities to start major infrastructure projects that are going to benefit the institution for the next 50 years before they have raised 100% of the money to fund them.

      It is profoundly stupid to require 100% cash in hand before starting a project who’s benefits will be realized over decades. North Dakota should allow its Universities to use some financing for infrastructure improvements like this. Match the cash flows with the benefits.

  5. Yes we can raise the funds for a FargoDome expansion. Use a small sales tax plus NDSU fundraising for a 50/50 split of the cost between the city of Fargo and NDSU. Reconfigure the dome so it can be expanded again as needed.

  6. I don’t think its even possible/feasible to expand the dome……I say build a whole new stadium. Gotta strike while the irons hot!

  7. Reconfigure the dome for 5-7 home games a year? Take the roof off? The Fargodome is a city owned multi-event facility. NDSU needs to build its own stadium like 99% of college football programs.
    I agree strike while the iron is hot and get the state legislature or city of Fargo to implement a tax to pay for a new stadium.

  8. Really, really bad week to be talking down about our proud Bison team, but PLEASE, PLEASE let’s be realistic here. Let’s just assume we get to the playoffs this year, and that we win down at Frisco again.

    So then in 2014, with 6 or 7 returning starters, we go 7-4 and miss the playoffs. You think that there will be 12,000 season tickets sold then? 19,000 fans every home game?

    How about it gets a little worse, and we are below .500 for a year or two?

    You think we could fill a 30,000 seat stadium then? You think the Mountain West would be begging to have NDSU as a member.

    We have a great run going. The MVC and FCS are a really good fit for Fargo. The Fargodome is a really good fit for the Bison.

    • There will be 12 starters back next year, not 6 or 7. There will be 3-DB’s. 2 LB’s, 1-DL, FB, HB, WR, 3-OL and a lot of kids who have played a lot. I laugh at people who think the Bison are going to fall off a cliff next year. Like they haven’t been recruiting during these national title runs. Go Bison!

      • I am excited to see the Bison next year. I think those kids will want to prove they are just as good (or better) as the graduating seniors.

  9. Unfortunately I don’t see the residents of Fargo approving another city sales tax. The dome is in perfect shape in most peoples minds.

    • Yes, I agree. It’s quite adequate for track-pulls and monster truck shows. Football? Ahhh…….. no.

  10. You can do anything you want if you have enough money. They have figured its too costly to expand the dome. It would be more cost effective to scrape it and and build a new stadium.

    • Nobody knows the cost to expand the dome. No official study has been conducted as far as I know.

      Of course there are lots of people who claim to know it can’t be done.

  11. I don’t see the people of Fargo building a new $450 million stadium. The Bison will be lucky to get a Dome expansion of $150 million. If it does happen they need to dump the red and blue seats and go with dark green! Go Bison!

  12. As long as we are already predicting 2014:
    Keep the streak of FBS going beating Iowa State
    Lose to Montana
    Run the table in the Conference
    Finish one game short of a Four-Peat
    Finish 12-2
    Not bad for rebuilding

  13. Move up to FBS with football and solve the title 9 probs with womens hockey using the FFD after the Bison get the new stadium. Let womens hockey have this huge mytical rivalry with the sioundx.

    A move to FBS, no matter what conference, has to include a new stadium large enough to get home games from the Big 12 and Big 10.

    Two good options are dome type al la Metrodome or protected/heated seats. I like the metro dome concept.

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