Bison PostGame Show vs Delaware State

Folks, what a day yesterday, sorry for the delay in posting this, a later video post will detail how long a day it was for us yesterday, but it was completely worth it. Digest that there three major records set by NDSU yesterday, Marcus Williams tied the FCS mark with his 6th career interception returned for a touchdown, Brock Jensen set the school record for completed passes and Craig Bohl set the all-time wins record at the school. That’s the perfect capper to what was a day that no one will ever forget that was part of it. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Delaware State

  1. SDSU is not very good on defense. The Bison are still great on defense. Unless the Bison play very poorly on defense (which hasn’t been the case in the past couple of years) I don’t expect this to be that close of a game. Stop Zenner and make Sumner beat you is what it is about. Bison have stopped Zenner. Leevon Perry will have a lot of juice for this game after that cheap shot dive into his knee by the SDSU offensive lineman. I expect a dominant Bison win. I think it will be more dominant than the playoff game last year. Bison 42 Jacks 10.

    • Okay Pollyanna.

      Bison 24. Jacks 16.

      If you take away Zenner Sumner is still a good quarterback. Most important is they tend to take good care of the football. Their turnovers at Nebraska were the first of the year and forced because they were falling behind badly, and they have forced a lot of turnovers. But I don’t think they have the horses on defense. Nebraska game aside, they’ve given up a ton of yards to some average teams.

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