Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. SDSU game week preview

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the latest episode of the Bison Video Blog!

54 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. SDSU game week preview

  1. Without naming names, I think the bald guy in the light blue shirt was responsible for the misplaced jersey.

    Go Stony Brook, knock off Towson. Where is Towson ? Sounds like a towing company turned over to the eldest son.

    Keep the Dakota Marker, BISON.

  2. Wow! Not a great week for Mt. State.

    Mt. State ditches their game with the Bison to avoid a loss. By dropping their game with NDSU they lose out on the exposure of ESPN Gameday. Plus Mt. State lost (badly) to unranked Stephen F Austin last weekend.

  3. Peter Fields the California MSU AD can’t live up to a contract. Not the my parents raised me in Turtle Lake, ND. GO BIZON!

  4. I read on the bunny rabbit message board that, their staff spent a lot of time during the spring and summer strengthening their RB to handle Bison Defense.

  5. The best decision made after making the decision to move up was to create a rivalry game with South Dakota State

    • Absolutely! UN_ quit and here were the mighty Dakota Land Grants forging the way in Division 1. No doubt the leaders, and later joined by USD, The Dakota Big 3 were united! Those schools carry on the great traditions of the NCC and college athletics in the Dakotas and now the big game, the game that will decide the best college football team in the Dakotas.

      Go Bison!!!

      • Finally, I actually agree with something you said …..”the game that will decide the best team in the Dakotas”. Could we throw in Minnesota also ?…… would this upset you?…….. I mean all they’ve beaten are WAC rejects.

        • You throw in anybody you want. NDSU brings in unanswered wins against the best teams in Minnesota, Montana and Kansas. This game is for the “Marker” and title of best college football team in the Dakotas!

  6. If you think the NDSU v. SDSU is a rivalry…then you haven’t been following NDSU football for very long. The Mile Marker…the most prestigious and historic “rivalry” trophy in the country.

    • The SDSU has slowly turned into a rivalry in my opinion. Is it as big as the UND game, no. Will it ever be? Probably not. These two teams took the plunge to D1 together. Does a rivalry need to be hatred between the two teams? There is more respect between the two schools than hatred. Despite the critics out there it has grown and will get better.

      • You have a problem with aggression. You just told somebody to shoot themselves, are you ok or just senile?

  7. its blood baby !! they hurt our boy Perry last year and its blood in the water
    I would say that’s motive and opportunity

  8. NDSU by 9, over/under 60. Bison in a potentially big win. Not many scenarios deliver a close game in the game analyser. If you think its going to be close take under.

    Its a big game at home for the Jacks. Talk of blood revenge is rediculous. Keep it out of the game. The Bison are good enough to win this without that sort of thing.

    It is a huge game, one of the biggest in the country. Two major Land Grants from the Dakotas with top notch Division 1 football teams playing for the Dakota Marker and the bragging rights as best football team in all of the Dakotas. That means more now than it did last year. Winner owns the border and to prove it they will hold the Dakota Marker.

  9. I wish people would stop mentioning the word “rivalry” and the undies in the same sentence. That gives it way to much credence..

    • Indeed, they quit playing a decade ago but still act like they are relevant here. They are relevant for verbal abuse as long as they make themselves available.

      As far as football, they quit.

    • Probably, but I wouldn’t bet the chicken coop. You do realize that MSU is without their All American qb and two of their starting OL and starting LB and a DB? Will this be the Whioux’s signature win?

  10. I agree with south cliff. A rivalry needs two schools that somewhat evenly trade wins. Looking at the records, UND dominated the SU ‘rivalry’ for its entirety. Not only that, UND also dominated the last 10, 12 years the teams played. So yes. It was hardly a rivalry.

    • And NDSU dominated the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!! What was it like 8 titles to 1, and NDSU has since added 2 more.

    • und dominated the ndsu rivalry in it’s entirety? umm no. were you alive in the 80’s? ndsu is a better team by far than und right now. who cares

    • Larz, DIBISON was referred to part of the rivalry when discussing the huge difference in National Championships between the two football programs. If you had the choice would you rather beat your rival or win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP?

      Larz, don’t be so jealous of NDSU football.

  11. Wow you boys really have a difficult time staying on topic. Lol. Oh well, forget it. it’s probably time to get another coat of shiny yellow and green paint on that tailgate bus while you simultaneously throw the latest donation request letter from SU in the garbage.

  12. Larz. The question pertains to the subject you reference. Would you rather win a rivalry game or a National Championship? You haven’t answered the question.

    • Larz just wants to babble about something important to him, that’s all.

  13. Oh u bet, championships are great! But again, I was just responding to the inaccurate bison homer portrayal of the now defunct football rivalry. UND won way more games, and dominated the end of the rivalry. You can deflect, change the subject to championships, etc all you want. But when it comes to the old rivalry, it is pretty clear who was the top dog.

    • Yes Larz, you are right. UND won more games against NDSU than vice versa. However, NDSU has gone on to fry much bigger fish (thanks Ryan Bakken – GF Herald). College GameDay has been to Fargo and wants to come back. But yes, UND has a winning record against NDSU. I think you and I have made your point crystal clear, so any subsequent comments you might want to add to this blog shouldn’t be necessary.

      • You’re funny! You define a rivalry (from a couple of D2 teams a decade ago) as ‘If a team has more wins, then it isn’t a rivalry.’ Or…ahem, if one dominated at different times, then it isn’t a rivalry. Sweet. Does contempt drip from your dinner fork this much? You are so hateful your common sense has betrayed you. According to your logic the Yankees and Red Sox isn’t a rivalry. Way to go Larry! Aaaawwww Snap!

    • Lars, taken to school! Or is it the woodshed? He should have a bumper sticker, it would say: My kid is an honor student at Lindsay Lohan High School!

  14. Watch these trolls disappear for 2 to 3 weeks on Saturday night as they did after the KSU game.

  15. The limelight is on this game, that’s obvious.

    SDSU gave up over 600 yds in offense against Nebraska. They have over 300 rushing and passing. ZZ has had a tough time against the Bison. Will Saturday be any different? I think the Bison will roll. #5 is in the bag, the Bison are crowned the Best college football team in the Dakotas and retain the Border Marker.

    SDSU plays at Vermillion second to the last game of the season. If USD beats them they will have a shot at the title of best team in the Dakotas when they come to the Fabulous Fargo Dome to wrap up the season.

    Its going to be a whale of a game Saturday, probably among the largest sporting events ever in the Dakotas, at least 2.65 hockey games worth! My-oh-my…..

    Go Bison!!!

  16. I think what MGFans means is that the Bison have upset K-State, had College GameDay in Fargo, this in some people’s minds would make the Bison a bunch of fat cats ripe for an upset. The Jacks defense hasn’t played well the last two weeks and you know this is the game they really want to win. Had they beat Nebraska they might come into this game flat, but they will have a chip on their shoulder having not played Nebraska closer after leading 17-14 in the first quarter. The Jacks will have Sumner a veteran QB who is healthy this year, Zenner who is the best runner in FCS again this year and a huge Offensive line that Craig Bohl said really pushes people around. The game will be played in Brookings on natural grass and it could be raining which would slow down the speed of the Bison. Gene Taylor says their will be fewer Bison fans at this year’s game because the SDSU fans have bought more of the tickets this year. The Bison have won four straight in the series and that has to really bother the Jacks. So I can see why people might think the Bison could be upset. I think it will be a close game and if the Bison can keep Zenner under 100 yards again they have a great chance to win. Turnovers are always key in a game like this. Go Bison!

  17. You guys are too funny! You make fun of the old rivalry and pretend that the aggies dominated it. When in fact history tells an entirely different tale. The bison team has been truly awesome the last 4 years! All bison fans should be happy for that. but instead for some odd reason you’re constantly bringing up and making fun of UND. If you’re going to make fun, at least be factual! And someone, please teach old guy how to spell!

  18. I do think people are getting a little lulled into a false sense of security by what happened down in Lincoln. Different games, different circumstances, different teams. SDSU easily could win this game, and if NDSU does (as most expect), I doubt it’s anywhere near as easy.

    • It might be but SDSU gave up over 600 yrs to Big Red.

      Zz is a better back than Hubert.

      The game analyzer mechanism shows a clear Bison win, possibly going away.

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