Perry: No point in dwelling on it

Leevon Perry was asked before the Ferris State game if he was able to forget about the play last year that sidelined him for the next several months. A low block from a South Dakota State player was a direct hit to the knee that required microfracture surgery. “After we play them, yeah, I’ll be all right,” Perry said.

If there was any reference to payback in that comment, Perry is putting it aside this week and taking the high road, at least publicly, calling it “just another game.” NDSU is at SDSU Saturday, Perry’s first significant game since he left the Jackrabbit game at the Fargodome last year.

“I’m just happy I can walk again,” he said. “I’m happy everything ended up going the way it did. As far as it being a dirty play, it happens, it’s football. I should have played off (the block) and if I would would have played off it, it never would have happened.”

Perry said “there’s no point for me to dwell on it. There’s still a chance I can do everything I still wanted to do. It was a setback but it gave me time to sit back and watch my team go to work. I’m just happy I can be part of it again.”

11 thoughts on “Perry: No point in dwelling on it

  1. Nothing wrong with exacting a bit of revenge by having a great clean penalty free game! it will be fun to watch the jacks run right at him every play—assuming they stay true to form.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, Coach Steig and his OC will have something other, in terms of offensive schemes, 1. Zenner thru A gap; 2. Zenner thru B gap; 3. Zenner off tackle. Bunny fans can only hope.

  3. Perry’s comments are what I would expect from a team that is coached to excellence and is disciplined because of Bohl and his fellow coaches; strictly a class act.

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