11 thoughts on “Craig Bohl PreGame With SDSU

  1. Big game big win. Second shutout in a row for what might be the best Bison Defense of all time. Incredible game. A shutout!

  2. SDSU offensively was beat before this game ever started. They never really even tried to run the ball. It was all pass early. It would have been one thing if SDSU had gotten stopped like that if Zenner had gotten 15-20 carries or something like that.

    Point is-way SDSU game planned, they went INTO the game knowing they couldn’t run on NDSU.

    • And the other (obvious) point-this ought to show you how much NDSU is intimidating people right now. A team whose identity is to run the football (SDSU) gave up on the run before the game ever started. I could be wrong but, excluding a sack or broken plays, I don’t think they ever tried consecutive designed runs.

  3. Can we quit calling Zenner the best running back in FCS now? Just because they feed him the ball all the time and he gets good stats it doesn’t make him better than Ojuri or Crockett. Ojuri and Crockett split carries because it helps the team win. If NDSU fed either Ojuri or Crockett the ball like SDSU does Zenner can you imagine their stats?

    • Why not keep calling him the best RB in FCS? Compliment to the defense that they stop him (and they are the only team that’s stopped him the last two years). I’m sure David Johnson at UNI has something to say about that best RB title too. Hopefully they put the same kind of whipping on him.

      And look at it this way-back in 2009 we gave the ball to Pat Paschall as much as you’d like to see it to Ojuri and Crockett. Pat had great numbers, team was terrible. I’m not sure Ojuri/Crockett would dominate individually. Together? Absolutely.

      • My point is having a bunch of yards doesn’t make you great. Playing great in big games and winning them makes you great.

        Brock Jensen doesn’t put up gaudy stats but I wouldn’t trade him for any other QB in college football.

        • And you missed the point-he’s PLAYED great in big games. He’s played great in virtually every game he’s played in. The ONE team he hasn’t played great against-NDSU.

          It’s no coincidence. It’s not because he’s overrated. One great player never beats one great team in football.

  4. Bison volleyball wins their first match of the season beating the Jacks 3-1. Great job ladies. Keep it up and come up with another win on Monday.

    It is a good day to be a Bison!

  5. Nebraska of the BIG 10 gave up 20 points and Zenner had 200 yards rushing last weekend in Lincoln. The Bison go on the road to Brookings and pitch a shutout and Zenner has 4 yards rushing. Maybe NDSU is one of the top 25 DI football teams this year!!

  6. Jacks D is pretty good. Zenner is the only reason on the offensive side of the ball that team has been ranked. Sumner is dreadful when pressured. As seen yesterday their receivers dropped passes they needed to have. Offensive line was clearly overmatched against a dominant defense. So given their success against lesser opponents, Zenner is still the premiere back in the conference, putting the whole offense on his shoulders. Ndsu doesn’t have that situation because of excellent players all around.

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