Bison PostGame Show at SDSU

It was an impressive day all around in Brookings, by the crowd, it was a record showing by SDSU and the NDSU fans, and the Bison defense was sensational, -32 yards rushing for SDSU, Zach Zenner goes for just 4 yards on 8 carries. Grant Olson was tremendous, 8 tackles and 2 sacks and the Bison win their 14th straight road game and in the process pitch a 2nd straight shutout, first time that’s happened since 1987. Join Big E, Jeff and me as we break down the game and look ahead to Northern Iowa.

29 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show at SDSU

  1. Dominant Defense!!!!!!
    Offense wore down the Jacks and came alive in the 4th quarter.
    #1 vs. #2 next week at the ‘dome! Go Bison!!!!

  2. Wow! The Mighty Dakota Land grants play on the national stage and at the same time we are treated to a sideshow in GF: the face off of the quitters. Montana State, a team NDSU has beaten like a rented mule, is the winner! They are the best team among those teams that have quit playing The Bison.

    • I have a feeling that Bohl is not going anywhere. At the point in his career why would you want to go into a pressure cooker. When you look at the history of our coaches going to FBS jobs, not as successful. If he stays and brings the program to the next level I think that would be the most challenging and appealing other wise why sign the long extension. I believe there is a plan.

  3. I enjoy the win, but my goodness why is no one talking about how sloppy the Bison offense was. The ball hit the turf six times. SDSU was giving up 500 yards per game. The ball bounces a couple other ways and SDSU has two defensive td’s and we could’ve lost. If we bring this offense to the UNI game next week, we lose by 20. I’m confident we’ll clean this up, but thank you to the ‘best d in the country’.

    • That is why outdoor football can be an equalizer conditions were’nt bad but not perfect either. Hey we scored 20 points without giving up any. After what we have seen the last 2 weeks and then go back to the defense giving up 10 points to a DII school you could have been concerned about the defense at that point. Let just enjoy the win.

      • I know, I know. I’ll enjoy, just hope we clean it up. Uni had no trouble with mcneese and I thought that was supposed to be a game. UNI just always scares me, and boy do I not like that Farley guy.

        • We can look at this way, this might be the one clunker game the offense has all year. We seem to have one game a year like this. We just may go undefeated! Go Bison!

  4. Could that Bison Fan from Eagan be Zach Zenner’s dad??? He had something there with the outdoor game…

    Winds gusting over 30 mph, predominantly cross-winds, but certainly in all directions at times and mostly beating on the Bison sideline. Heavy rains in the area until 1000AM or so… Bison controlled 4th quarter when the gusts subsided and kept the ball on the ground.

    When was the last time they painted the lines on that field? Maybe why Dudzik did not know the end zone on that punt?

  5. Great win for the Herd. NDSU/SDSU is a great rivalry, but. . . BUT . . .The DAKOTA MARKER WILL NEVER REPLACE THE NICKEL TROPHY!!!

    • A nickel is not worth much these days. UND can keep the nickel as it may be the last football trophy they will win in a loooong time!

      • To you its not. Nor to Briascani (or whatever his name is), Taylor, and maybe their counterparts up north. Since 1963 the only Bison/Sioux games I missed is when I was away in the military (68-72). You Johnny-come-latelys don’t understand this rivalry. Maybe you can explain why the Bison/Sioux game has not been renewed. Nobody else has.

        • Well, uN_ turned down a four year home-home contract from NDSU, then turned down a second home-home contract from NDSU because the games weren’t in consecutive years. Now they whine to the media that the game isn’t being played.

          Reality is the game is of no benefit to NDSU right now. None. Zero. Zilch. NDSU fills the dome regardless of opponent. uN_ on the other hand can’t draw flies, even with a seven home game schedule with four ranked teams on the docket.

          only team that stands to benefit is uN_. Faison if he really wants this to happen needs to put forth a reasonable contract and work directly with Taylor, not via the media in the usual uN_ fashion.

          • Maybe they couldn’t play every year but the effort should be made to get them together, not keep them apart.

        • NDSU and UND don’t play because of incindary comments by Roger Thomas and Kupchella. The Whioux are getting everything they deserve. To heck with them!

      • that brings up a good point. SDSU beats UND by 7. first Montana, then Montana St. both killed UND by 40ish points. then Northern Arizona creams Montana. and I haven’t even mentioned Eastern Washington…. makes me wonder if SDSU would win more than a couple games this year if they played in the Big Fluffy as it’s called around here.

        • Good thing you haven’t mentioned EWU, they haven’t played yet. The SDSU/Undie game is a simple case of letting up on the gas (playing 2’s and 3’s) until you are home. Coach Stieg made that mistake and allowed the whioux back in the game. I doubt he’ll make the same mistake again. SDSU definitely would be a top shelf team in the Big Sigh Conference.

    • agreed.
      to not play each other, even every other year for the Nickle, is just stupid. Marketing for both schools should realize this.
      GO BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It just does not make business sense to play Un_, that is of course its a home game. SU gets nothing out of going there, actually it cost SU money!!!

      The nickle—what is that? Glory days! a faded memory! Point being, with each year it becomes more and more irrelevant! Let it go, most of use don’t even know what it is.

      • The Nickel will never come back. It has a banned logo on it. But not to worry, it would be put up on the mantle with the pride side showing and the disgraced side pointing at the wall.

  6. I have always been an offensive guy and always watched how offenses prepare and what offenses teams run, but man is it fun to watch this team play defense. Speed is crucial in any sport, but these guys to a person on this defense are crazy fast to the ball and assignment sharp. Think of how many teams that go three and out and maybe have a bit of a panic attack hoping to get the ball back. For the Herd, it is a calming effect when the D comes out on the field. This is Fun!!
    Go Bison!!!!

  7. Hey old timers quit being dead horse. Sdsu and UNI are 2 bigger and better rivals. If the same 3-4 people and media would stop bringing it up the rest of us 99% could stop ignoring ya

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