FCS Sunday Night Ramblings – Live Chat!

Trying something new tonight, want to engage more people who watch the ramblings, let’s chat about the weekend and what’s to come, so join us in the chat!


4 thoughts on “FCS Sunday Night Ramblings – Live Chat!

  1. Not excited about Montana game until they land in Fargo, otherwise all we have learned is that the good teams love to buy out their contracts instead of come to Fargo. Interesting scenario of two weeks coming up for Valley, UNI @ NDSU, and then Missouri State comes here. Missouri State is @ USD this weekend and that should be a win. Bison have chance to really jump out front with two home wins. One team will be in serious trouble this weekend in Brookings, Southern Illinois plays the Jacks, and another loss for each will be fatal for playoff chances if they aren’t already. A nice matchup in the Big Fluff, Northern Arizona goes to Montana State, and yes, if UND goes out and loses to Idaho State, he should be Kiffened.

  2. We have guys that can and could be a deep threat. Maybe “just once” throw deep to #3. Have never done it, great speed and hands

  3. Watched clips of the INI-MCNEESE game. It was like watching NDSU play Valley City st. These guys are better than good. Go Bison

  4. Wonder if Gene Taylor is monitoring Coach’s phone in case USC calls? You know Pat Haden is aware of what goes on in Fargo. Heck, maybe NDSU even gets an invite to join the PAC 12 if he goes out there.

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