Toughest foe of the season

It’s been a theme this week with general comments on this NDSU and Northern Iowa game: this will most likely be the Bison’s toughest matchup this season and for two reasons:

1) The Panthers were considered the King of the Valley before NDSU came aboard and UNI showed the Bison in 2008, 2009 and 2010 exactly why. Although none of those games ended in blowout-type losses, I never had the feeling the Bison were legitimate contenders to win any of those games. The ’10 game, for instance, ended just 16-9, yet UNI had double digits in quarterback sacks and dominated the lines of scrimmages. Times changed in 2011 and 2012, however, and anytime you get a good program that has had its pride hurt, they’re going to give it an extra shot of motivation this Saturday. So emotionally, the Panthers should have the advantage.

2) I’ll never forget that 2010 game, which was the season opener for UNI. The Panthers threw a defensive look at NDSU that nobody expected, the 3-4. Faithful followers of this blog know some of the struggles the Bison have had against the 3-4 over the years. As one great football mind emailed me today, the key will be for the Bison center to handle the UNI noseguard. Remember back when NDSU moved Austin Richard to center when the Bison faced 3-4 teams to help with the strength factor against the odd-number defensive line look. This year, NDSU has 270-pound Josh Colville at center and this will be the first go-around against the 3-4 for him at that position.

I also believe UNI quarterback Sawyer Kollmorgen is performing like an all-conference quarterback, with eight touchdowns and no interceptions. NDSU is loaded this year, but in UNI, it will see a team very capable of beating it.

14 thoughts on “Toughest foe of the season

  1. If the Bison win this one, those Frisco tickets will disappear in a hurry…. oh wait….

  2. How good and/or big is their noseguard? The inference in the story is that Josh may not be big enough. If not, do we have a bigger/better second option at center?

  3. Iowa State vs Texas tonight….NDSU beat K State, Texas beat K State, UNI beat Iowa State. Lets go Iowa State and NDSU.. May be another jump up in the power rankings..#25

  4. Actually emotion can be good or depending on how you harness it. NDSU has shown they handle it better then anyone!

  5. The bigger question is how will Northern Iowa Offense handle the noise of the Dome? This will be their first visit to the Dome with two National Championship banners hanging in the rafters correct? This should be a case of the Bison again putting the Kitties in their place. I dislike Northern Iowa a ton, it is a great rivalry, and I wish we would play Northern Iowa more in other sports as well.

  6. If the Minnesota State High School football championships come to the Fargodome in 2015 it could be a great thing for Bison recruiting.
    Bison-24 UNI-21 Go Bison!

  7. Biggest Game in Fargodome History!! NDSU has a chance at History with a 3 peat and undefeated season for these senior’s! that is why this game is so important, season ticket holders LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME! we need a rowdy and loud crowd at full throat, not chucky cheese. President Breciani “liked” the Mountain West conference on facebook today *hint hint*

  8. Bison offense must show up to win this week. We must score 20 plus. I have all the confidence in the world of the defense, but a bad turnover could affect the outcome. Please, please, please no pick six this weekend

  9. In 2010 the Panthers confused the Bison defense by suprising them with Rennie. The Bison were unprepared because its one of the only times in memory we took the ball on offense first. Couple that with a terrible offense, terrible qb play, and the pre Billy Turner O line shake up, we were doomed. The Panthers out coached us and took advantage if timing and exploited our weakness. They were more experienced, slightly more talented, and at home

  10. The real competition should be in determing where that bison on the cover originates from? UK, GERMANY??

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