FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 6

First a thank you to Youngstown State and Tennessee Tech two last-second wins by each team propelled me to a 9-5 week and for the first time in a LONG time, a new leader in the clubhouse. That being said, we have some terrifically tough games to pick this week, notwithstanding NDSU-UNI. Here we go!

                                                                    DOM (49-23)      JEFF (48-24)

  • (10) Lehigh at  (13) Fordham                       Ford          Ford
  • William and Mary at (20) Villanova             Nova         Nova
  • Missouri State at South Dakota                   MSU          MSU
  • Western Illinois at Illinois State                  Ill St          Ill St
  • Georgia Southern at Samford                     GSU          Sam
  • Southern Illinois at (9) SDSU                       SDSU        SIU
  • (22) Youngstown St at Indiana State            YSU          YSU
  • Portland State at (12) Montana                    UM           UM
  • (25) Delaware at (23) Maine                         Del           Maine
  • North Dakota at Idaho State                        UND          UND
  • (14) McNeese St at (11) Central Arkansas     UCA          UCA
  • (17) Northern Arizona at (7) Montana St.      NAU          MSU
  • Yale at (19) Cal Poly                                     Poly         Poly
  • Weber State at (8) Eastern Washington       EWU         EWU
  • (1) Ohio State at (17) Northwestern              OSU         OSU


9 thoughts on “FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 6

  1. Lehigh
    USD-If they don’t get a win soon Coach Joe will be gone at season’s end. Maybe he steps down.
    Illinois State
    Georgia Southern
    SDSU-35 S. Ill.-21 Another nail in Dale Lennon’s coffin. He will be back at UND next year.
    Central Ark
    Montana State
    Eastern Washington
    Ohio State-42 Northwestern-38
    Go Bison!

  2. ◾(10) Lehigh at (13) Fordham – Fordham at home
    ◾William and Mary at (20) Villanova – Villanova
    ◾Missouri State at South Dakota – I think USD actually wins first ever Valley game, not sure Missouri State will handle little dome in Vermillion
    ◾Western Illinois at Illinois State – Illinois State
    ◾Georgia Southern at Samford – Georgia Southern, if not, what the heck are they doing moving up.
    ◾Southern Illinois at (9) SDSU – SDSU, Zenner takes frustrations from Bison game out on Salukis, esp. in Brookings.
    ◾(22) Youngstown St at Indiana State – Youngstown St. If Penguins want to be taken seriously, they gotta have this one.
    ◾Portland State at (12) Montana – Montana
    ◾(25) Delaware at (23) Maine – Maine at home
    ◾North Dakota at Idaho State – UND, two teams in the Big Sky UND should be better than, Idaho State is one, and Northern Colorado is the other. If UND loses this one, again, Mussman should be Kiffened on arrival back to Grand Forks.
    ◾(14) McNeese St at (11) Central Arkansas – Central Arkansas,
    ◾(17) Northern Arizona at (7) Montana St. – Montana State in “could be Big Sky Championship” meeting already
    ◾Yale at (19) Cal Poly – Cal Poly
    ◾Weber State at (8) Eastern Washington – Eastern Washington
    ◾(1) Ohio State at (17) Northwestern – Ohio State, toughest game till Big Ten Championship for Buckeyes, not even sure Michigan is that much of a worry.

    Northern Iowa at NDSU – NDSU in an absolute barn burner. I think both teams end up losing one Valley game, trick is not to lose one to a team you will be battling for the Conference Title with.

  3. I agree william….these guys talk out of both sides of their mouths. But FCS is JV and I’m a huge NDSU fan. It’s time for NDSU to step up to the plate. It’s getting boring almost in this division!

    Get into the mountain west and make ESPN every week!

    Ticket demand is there Craigslist had $75-$100/ tickets all week selling like hot cakes. 40,000 would attend if they could.

    • Time to start talking about a new stadium or an expansion so we are ready to make the move up when it comes. BCS teams are going to split away from the rest of college football sooner than later! Go Bison!

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