Bison PostGame Show vs Northern Iowa

A long day but a fun one no doubt, as NDSU rallies from a 23-10 4th quarter deficit and beat Northern Iowa 24-23, the 14th straight win for the Bison, who are now 5-0, 2-0 in the Valley and set themselves up well for the next couple of games. Join Jeff, E and myself as we break down a classic football game and how NDSU survived.

25 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Northern Iowa

  1. With UNI losing Farley to injury (and others?), will they be the same team in the future? Their bodies took a beating today. I’m curious to see how they hold up next week.

  2. I don’t agree that this was a great game, the Bison were out played for 3 quarters and still found a way to win, that is characteristic of a champion. The Bison hurt themselves with dropped passes, fumbles, and missed tackles. Teams are starting to realize that you can throw on Marcus Williams if you have a taller receiver, again the defense kept the Bison in the game. Take away the 85 yard touchdown run(2 missed tackles that would have kept it under 20yards) and the dropped pick 6 and it would have been a different game. I would like to give NIU more credit, but they played almost flawless and still lost.

    • Agreed. I was listening to the radio show after the game and callers were saying they were disappointed that the Bison played so poorly. Smith had a couple dropped passes, two turnovers, and a few penalties. However, THEY WON THE GAME! Against not a good team, a really good team! How many other teams would have lost that game with all the mistakes SU made. Fans need to realize there will be bad games. NDSU was able to overcome all the mistakes and still win. This team is special. It would not surprise me if UNI and NDSU play in the Natl Semis or NC game.
      After watching the reply last night, I thought the reffing was not as bad as it was while at the game. The only questionable call was the second fumble when Dudzik’s forearm appeared down before the losing the ball. No replay. That was unfortunate. The refs didn’t make or break this game. It was the players making the mistakes.
      With that said, I hope we win out and get a number one seed for the playoffs. Go Bison!

  3. The UNI defense was not the same without Farley. Can they adjust with the backup after a week of practice? Guess we will find out. SIU is a tough team.

    Any clues as the to animated conversation between Bohl and Farley after the game?

    And for the record, MVFC has the worst refs in FCS football and the group in the dome last night was the worst of the worst.

  4. And any knowledge about why David Johnson ran out of gas in the 3rd quarter? Was he playing hurt?

  5. Pretty disappointed in the way that #1 for the Bison “covers” receivers these days. It appears that he is believing his clippings, and that no one will throw in his direction. UNI threw in his direction, and he stood and watched at critical times during the game.

    Peterson described the touchdown catch as a “jump ball”. Maybe – but only one of the two players involved actually jumped. #1 was a spectator on that play.

    If I was Klieman or Bohl, I would have a serious talk with our all-american.

    • I think we forget that other teams have good players, too. Marcus is definitely a playmaker, but every cornerback gives up touchdowns. The question is how many plays can a cornerback make to make up for the touchdowns/big plays they give up, and I think Marcus more than makes up for the very few plays he gives up. I think we also forget that Marcus is left on an island nearly every play, which is not easy for any DB.

  6. Heard Marcus Williams was in the Hennipen County Burn center after his performance in the UNI game!! He looked like he was lost out there against the UNI receivers. I think he needs to reevaluate what he is doing out there.

    • Who won? Bison are 5-0 and 2 time Defending National Champs! Way too many Bison fans are too critical, not happy with W’s. They would rather focus on the negative, and not all the positive that’s going on. Marcus is an All-American and will go down as the best corner to ever play for the Bison. Kintla never had an off day I guess. Too many Madden Xbox/fantasy football fans that don’t understand and appreciate real football. Be a true Bison fan through think & thin! Go Bison!!!!!!!

      • I have an idea lets put all these people who are critical of Marcus on the field and see how they do. I bet they could not cover my 90 year old mother one on one. Yes it is easier to criticize than actually be able to to it. Yet if Marcus is that bad then teams would be going his direction all the time, and dline would not be able to get to the quarterback to hurry or sack.

        • Why is it you guys think that the Bison are above criticism? He did get burned and tackled bad all game.

  7. from a UNI fans perspective Default Re: UNI vs NDSU
    I might have missed it but didn’t see any mention of the noise in the hand wringing about what went wrong. It was a MAJOR factor in my opinion. It had died down when we were up by 2 scores but when they got back in the game in the 4th quarter they were back with a vengeance – I think was the deciding factor in the game. (with the exception of the 2 flags on third down stops) My ears are still ringing. I think it was the loudest I have ever heard including Memorial in Lincoln and Arrowhead. The crowd is close and they are on all four sides. Players have trouble hearing in the huddle and lose the advantage of a snap count. And then the announcer screaming “you are the strength of the herd” whipping the crowd up. It wears on you.

    Before this weekend I respected the bison before for what they accomplished – I now hate them. Congratulations screaming maniac bison fans. I hope to never step foot on the tundra again but I suspect we might be back there in December.

  8. I’m Ok with the idea the UNI ends up on the other side of the bracket and we both can play our ways into the game at Frisco.

  9. Hey Makbison. I hated UNI going into the game and now have respect for them. They hung tough in a very hostile environment. I think the media cranked up the hype a bit as well, but even without that, UNI and NDSU play a little extra hard against each other. Respect by the players for sure. Fans, well they are fanatic.
    Go Bison

    • NNG GO read their message forum you might change your mind….you gotta love fans…LOL!!!!!

      Unlike most on here, I am not so sure UNI will be pressing for a NC. They don’t seem to have the depth to finish and this game was rough on them—the MV is a grind. We shall see!

      BTW….if MW got so abused in this game and or is overrated, why did UNI throw away from him when the game was on the line. You might want to go see what Coach Farley has to say about him as well…..I’ll summarize it for you, best guy on the team….the key to SU’s defense….plays half of the field by himself…cant wait for him to graduate….etc etc.

  10. M-will is a 3rd round pick you people that try and rip on him are jealous and plain stupid. 20+ interceptions and 7 returns for tds? He is probably the best player in Ndsu history single handily winning 20 games. Those passes were perfectly thrown get over your jealousy.

  11. Doesn’t MWill always cover the other team’s best receiver one on one the entire game?

    He is a big part of the reason we can blitz 1 or 2 guys on every passing play.

  12. Good lord, what the heck is wrong with some of you folks? Judging by some of the negative comments, did you expect this team to roll and shutout UNI again? That’s probably the second best team in the MVFC right now (watch out for Youngstown though). NDSU isn’t going to dominate everyone (they have lost home games the last two years folks), but give me an ugly W over a good team any day.

  13. Yea I finally made it to the big house for this one, so you know the 12th ‘man’ was on point. I’ve been saying it for a while that our O-line isn’t getting the respect it deserves, so kudos to Eric for bringing that up. UNI is an excellent team for sure and I was genuinely surprised that the Bison pulled that one out; they looked a bit sloppy for much of the game. Crockett impresses me more each game too.

  14. I was the one who started the thread about #1, and I don’t see any reason to back down. I am not an XBox football fan – I watch the game and I try to evaluate what I see objectively. He is not on an island. He makes some tremendous plays but he observes a lot of others.

    I will never forget #1 bumping into the Georgia Southern RB on a crucial run last fall. And his weak attempt at a tackle on Johnson’s long run last weekend won’t let me forget it either.

    Like I said, Kliemann or Bohl should have a visit with him. Third round….? I doubt it.

  15. Life long. I will bet you $1000 he gets drafted, you are clueless. At kansas state san fran scout and seattle scout stood in endzone pregame filming every move. They told me his fluidity and mobility and nose for the ball make mwill stand out.

    You doubters are the same rubes that cheer all his pick 6’s you make me sick.

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