Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Missouri State game week preview

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the latest episode of the Bison Video Blog.

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  1. Jeff I know you said Sunday night that there will never be an addition on to the Fargodome. But at the game Saturday I heard some talk that the powers that be are taking at least a preliminary look at possibly adding seats. I heard it would be something like Green Bay did, building around the existing structure then when it is finished removing the roof and then putting on the larger new roof. Sounds like it could be done without missing a season in the dome. The reason they are looking is that there are a lot of people who want tickets and can’t get them. All you have to do is go out to South Fargo, West Fargo and South Moorhead to see the unbelievable growth in this community. I think it is foolish not to at least look at it and yes I know the cost to do this would be would be high but still cheaper than building a new stadium from scratch. It may be a long shot but when it comes to Fargo and the Bison you never say never. How much do you think the new stadium will help SDSU even the playing field with the Bison in recruiting, especially in the city of Sioux Falls? Go Bison!

    • I read that too and disagreed with Kolpack.

      NDSU could play all of their non-conference games on the road for 1 season. The 4 regular home games could be played in Bismarck and down at the new Vikings dome or at TCF in the cities. It would not be ideal but they could make it work for 1 season as the FargoDome gets refurbished.

  2. All grand illusions. Or delusions. It has taken a few years to raise a few million for lipstick on the BSA. Remodeling the dome would largely be an ndsu expense, as all other dome events don’t require raised ceilings and additional seats. Does anyone work on fundraising at ndsu??

    • Larz I didn’t say it was a done deal. But Delusion? Isn’t that what they said when building the dome was first proposed? Go Bison!

  3. I noticed Doug Burgum was the honorary captain, coin flipper at the game on Saturday. He has given money to NDSU for academic buildings, he could easily finish out the remaining portion of the BSA renovation. I have not heard of him donating to the athletic department or any athletic facilities.

  4. Remember guys, NDSU does not own the Dome, I don’t think the city would want to close the dome for a year while they add seats. Lets face it, you would be adding seats that won’t be very good(nose bleed seats). NDSU would have to compensate the city and the cost would be too much.

    • NDSU football is also the dome’s best client and keeps the dome’s finances running in the black.

      NDSU football will need a new facility in the future as their popularity continues to grow. Either the dome will need to be expanded or NDSU will need to build a separate stadium.

      • The Fargodome loses about $2 million dollars a year. Last year there was revenue of $5.1 million and expenses of $7 million.

        The Bison playing 5-8 home games at the Fargodome does not keep the finances in the black. There are 357 other days of the year that the Fargodome is filled with wrestling tournaments, concerts, car/home/boat shows, sandbagging, races, and circuses. The revenue generated for the City of Fargo for five-eight home games is out-weighed by the expenses so the city of Fargo and it’s non-Bison fan tax payers could care less if the Bison play in the Fargodome.
        NDSU needs to build its own stadium or be happy with the City of Fargo renting them space in the dome for a few days a year.

        • My $$ numbers are operating costs and do not stand for the profit the Fargodome has had for the last 20 years.

        • You are wrong. The past 2 years the FargoDome has stated that because of the Bison football team hosting playoff games the revenue generated from those games has put the dome in the black. I believe the FargoDome has not been in the red since it opened.

          Your numbers are probably for the quanset in Grand Forks that is like a sucking drain in losing money for the city of Grand Forks.

          • I remember the same article from the Forum. Apparently this is the only part of the newspaper that BigTime reads.

    • somone told me once that the dome rents the land it sits on from ndsu—-any truth to that?

  5. I sure like to see Ojuri and Crockett run the ball with authority and they seem to be getting plenty of carries. If they continue, it should sure open up the passing game and I think Jensen will take some long shots downfield.

  6. You very seldom build these stadiums to make a profit. It is the economic impact it brings the city or state. It’s the all the shopping, lodging, eating and to a lesser degree the publicity the city gets. The money is taxed and revenue is generated. That money is what doesn’t show up in the stadiums bottom line. If taking down building operation for 1year is a sacrifice you make if it means future revenue for the city.

  7. for once bigtime you come on here and make sense (if true what you say) without bashing!

  8. I agree bisoninloveland, we all have an opinion and we each have the right to express it wrong or right without being bashed. Everyone on here has made valid points one way or the other. It is true if you have to shut down the dome for any period of time it makes it tough to do. Maybe the answer is to build a new stadium. Any ideas on an ideal location?? I think it has to be close to campus. Many people would push for the southwest corner of the intersection of I-29 and I-94. This would be ideal for getting people to an event. I just think it has to be on the North side of town. One problem with the North side is the airport would cause a restriction of height on any building within a certain distance of the airport. Go Bison!

  9. HEY BIGTIME please get your head out of the toliet at the Alerus Center. The Fargodome DOES NOT lost $2 million a year. In fact, the Fargodome has operated in the BLACK every year that is has been open. YES, NDSU football has increased the operating profit that last few years. Check out the facts in this article.

      • When the dome opened in 1993, it was projected to operate in a deficit every year, but has surprisingly been in the black on a yearly basis, mostly due to unforeseen events coming to the building that were not thought about when voters gave the approval. That being said, I just believe adding seats to the place is not realistic and the only way to fund such a venture would be to pass another half-cent sales tax. There was a waiting list of about 1,300 season ticket seats this year coming off a second straight national title, not 13,000.

        • There is a lot more demand than the waiting list. A lot of season ticket holders would expand their groups but they know its not possible right now. There are a lot of people that would like to purchase single game tickets that are not able to anymore.

          Reserved Tickets are going for over $100 a piece on craigslist. Standing Room only are going for $50 a piece.

          • I will say my family has 8 and we would love to get up to 4 more but it is impossible.

          • Don’t forget about the people who never bothered to try getting season tickets because they knew it would be impossible. I know of at least a dozen people that wanted season tickets badly but never gave it a shot.

  10. Dom. I took your advice and looked at an archive of a Towson game, it was against Delaware St. Sorry, I just didn’t see it. Delaware was really bad ,both teams looked slow. Sure didn’t look like the MVFC. I’ll keep watching for another game.

  11. Red River is right, the FargoDome has operated in the black every year since their doors opened. Once again BigTime doesn’t know the facts.

    • BigTime doesn’t want to bother with facts; it would interfere with his talking points.

  12. Rumor was 1300 season ticket requests of 4 = 5200 plus we all have to assume most fans just don’t even try anymore (2000-3000) seats. 30,000 x $40 seats = $1.2 mil a game $8 beers x 10,000 beers = $80,000 x 6 home games.

    That’s $12 million a year just on football seats alone

    Teammakers can get up to that for donations/good seats/suites

    Fargodome doesn’t want to expand to make $25million/year? Absolutely this should be done tomorrow!

  13. No one answered my question yet…. Maybe because no one is doing any fundraising at ndsu? Would be nice to see a ‘ just the facts’ article on what is being raised per year, if donations have increased after the success of the football team, etc. and ask the hard question of the university foundation: what the heck is taking so long to fund the BSA project???

    • The BSA is funded, bids will be awarded by the end of October. Larz, Don’t you read the newspaper or follow the news? You can answer your own question, just call the university foundation yourself and ask them your questions. Not too hard is it?

  14. The news report stated the bids came in fractionally too high. Or are you unable to comprehend, Red River? Aren’t you soon tired of following me around like a jealous little puppy?

  15. So everyone is yelling around about the BSA renovation fundraising, and here are my thoughts, but not in a yelling voice as to make anyone angry. It is quite obvious that football at ndsu has a larger fanbase than bison basketball does. I go to 1-2 b-ball games a year, but I haven’t missed a home football game since mid 2010. I think it would be easier to fund raise for a “new dome” but but but, the dome is, as stated by many others, city owned and such. I also agree though, that more people would buy tickets than just those on the waiting list. I would go from 3 season tickets to 5, but right now, I can’t!

  16. Hey Larz, NDSU just got a $1.2 million donation from the Ingstad family for the SHAC project. Another big donation that will start the project.

  17. Thanks DIBison, I just read the article. Great news, as you can tell I was beginning to wonder. Major major thanks to the Ingstad family.

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