NDSU owning final 15 minutes

I get into this in greater detail in Saturday’s Game Day section in The Forum, but the following fourth quarter nerd stats are something to marvel at:

  • The offense is 17 of 22 in third down conversions for a success rate of 77.3 percent.
  • NDSU has outgained the three toughest opponents — Kansas State, SDSU and Northern Iowa — by a 374-63 margin in total yards.
  • They have outscored their five opponents 48-0.
  • The last time NDSU gave up a touchdown in the fourth quarter was Nov. 10 of last year in the regular season game against SDSU.
  • Ferris State had the most yards in the final 15 minutes of any opponent with 114, but that was against NDSU’s backups.
  • The time of possession stats have been ridiculous. NDSU had the ball for almost 11 minutes against SDSU and 10:20 against UNI. The K-State time of possession consisted mostly of that one monster drive.

8 thoughts on “NDSU owning final 15 minutes

  1. While this has nothing to do with your blog, why do all the cars in the background have european license plates? Great job on the stats.

  2. Those numbers are staggering!!! I asked before if Samantha Ponder is on the other side of the bus? If her husband has been demoted, maybe she has as well and now is part of the WDAY gameday team instead of ESPN gameday team. Keep up the good work fellas.
    Go Bison

  3. As good as the Bison offense has been in the 4th quarter I am still waiting for them to play great for an entire game. I don’t think the team has played anywhere near as good as they are capable. As the season goes on I think we will begin to see just how good this Bison team is. Sky’s the limit! Go Bison!

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