Bison PostGame Show vs Missouri State

It was a record setting day at the Fargodome, a record crowd, 19,108 in attendance, they got to see Brock Jensen throw for over 300 yards for the first time in his career and for the 2nd straight homecoming game, Ryan Smith returned a punt for a touchdown. NDSU is now 6-0 on the season, 3-0 in the Valley and the real fun begins with the next two games being on the road. Jeff and I break down the 41-26 win over Missouri State and address the other main storylines surrounding this game.

16 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Missouri State

  1. Lot of foul start, hand to face mask calls on bison and missed tackles.

    Bison need to clean up.

  2. The Bison have not played a complete game yet, so they have something to shoot for.

    No question Missouri State intended to make the Bison one-dimensional, as the Bison intended to do to them, by stopping the run game. They did that for three quarters. It was good to see that Jensen and company can beat an opponent with the pass. I loved it.

    What is with all the meniscus tears on this team the past two years?

  3. Most people know that I am not Jensen’s biggest fan and would readily criticize him. But even despite the pick-6 today, I was rather impressed by his passing game (his biggest weakness). Most throws were right on and I have to give out congrats to that. It seems ever since Holloway graduated, he has been less likely to pass. Trust issues, maybe? He sure holds onto that ball a lot.

    Some new faces on D and the O-line really stepped up today. Crockett continues to impress. Good job guys.

    • All Brock Jensen does is win; you must be an idiot to not be a fan. Brock will likely be the winningest QB in Bison history as well as the FCS and TWO (hopefully a third) national championships, what more do you want the man to do?

    • Old Guy!….over 50 middle aged guy here!…..can’t blame it on turf anymore!….jeez I know!…….anyway we just have to hang on and play some of the youngins!….bye week will help in a couple weeks!

  4. The crowd probably wasn’t giving a vibe of fear that Missouri State was going to win the game after the Jensen pick 6 it was more of a that pass should have never been thrown. Even if he isn’t hit that pass had no chance. Unless he said he was throwing it high and out of bounds it was a bad decision.

    If that is the called play Brock and the coverage looks like that he should throw to someone else, throw it away or run and get what he can. Brock is a good enough QB he shouldn’t make that mistake. Against better teams in the playoffs pick 6’s will kill you.

    • He misses a lot of open receivers because he stares down his primary receiver way too often.

  5. After seeing the Vikings play today and the Gophers doing thier usual conference swoon it would be real nice if the FSN or FSN plus could give the Twin City folks some real football to watch and show some Bison Football. The fans down here need someone to cheer for.

      • A bad Gopher team or a bad Viking team both get better television ratings than the greatest NDSU football team/era, of all time in the Twin Cities. It’s all about ratings. If the Twin Cities wanted to watch real Division I football it would watch Oregon or Alabama which most in the country would consider “real football”.

        Is Kansas State going to win 4 games this year!

        • K-State would have one more win if they played the Gophers instead of the Bison in the first game this year. Face it the Bison would dominate the Gophers AGAIN if they played this year.

          • I agree, the Bison would probably beat the Gophers again this year as the best FCS team should be able to beat one of the lowest FBS programs in the Big Ten.
            Beating a terrible Minnesota, Kansas State, Kansas or Colorado State is great, just nothing to get too excited about.

            National Championships are what we should be excited about!!!

        • Those teams are still in BCS conferences like the Big 10 and Big 12. The Bison still have wins over these BCS teams regardless of the difference in scholarship levels and recruiting advantages.

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