Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Southern Illinois game week preview

Join The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and WDAY sports director Dom Izzo for the latest edition of the Bison Video Blog! Dale Lennon and the Salukis of Southern Illinois host the red hot Bison for a showdown in Carbondale, Ill.

26 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Southern Illinois game week preview

  1. great job guys!……the brackets!…yes its a joke!…..IF ndsu is #1 seed they should play the lowest ranked team left..and or not the same conf out of the gate…..Stupid NCAA!…

  2. Do the Bizon travel well to SIU? There forum suggest the fans are ready to find a new coach and the game pictures show lots of empty seating. Will the Bizon fill those seats and take over the home field? It’s homecoming… but can it be another Bizon homecoming game?

  3. This is a game I had circled from the very beginning as a loss for the Bison. Lennon’s defense has always given Bohl’s offense fits, and obviously the press is concerned about that because all I heard him being asked about SIU was their defense.

    The weather in Carbondale is currently forecasted as 70F for a high, which is nice, but 80% chance of rain. If you can’t run, passing and catching a wet ball is very difficult. Weather plays into SIUs favor. SIU 28- NDSU 9, then time to reboot for the Bison and get focused.

    • OldGuy; Seriously? 19 points? Wanna put a Benjamin Franklin on it? I’ll take Bohl & the BISON, you take Mustache Man and the Mud Runners

      • Although it’s not always pretty, this Bison team just simply gets it done on the road. Until someone can beat the Bison at their place, I’m not sure how you can pick against NDSU.

  4. The MVFC will get 4 teams in the playoffs, mark it down! Check out the schedules, unless team like Indiana St or Illinois St pull off multiple upsets NDSU, YSU, and UNI are all likely to get to 9 wins or more and SIU is very likely to get to 8 with the toughest schedule in the conference, maybe the nation. SDSU still has a shot to get to 8 wins too if they can pick off either UNI or YSU.

    • I agree. With extra at-large spots this year we will see another Valley team get in.

      I think the So-Con will get only 2 teams in this year, usually they get 3 in.

      • I feel Illinois St. winning on the road at App. St. last year in the playoffs along with the whooping SDSU dolled out to E. Illinois gained the Valley a lot more respect.

  5. Playoffs? You’re talking about playoffs?

    We are 6/11ths through the season. With at least two very tough games ahead.

    One at a time everybody. Lennon would love to beat NDSU, because he needs to save his job, and because he graduated from the Grand Forks school.

    Bear down. Lunchpail and hardhat.

  6. Not even thinking playoffs at this time. The injuries, penalties, and lack of secondary will make this weekend extremely uncomfortable. SIU wins and they are tied (have tie breaker) over NDSU, and suddenly SIU has a favorable schedule left. NDSU has not played well in Carbondale, and this weekend will be no different I’m guessing. Hoping for another win by the Bison on the March for 3 in a row.

  7. I must admit this is the team that really seems to give the Bison fits. They are playing well and I agree rain will favor Lennon’s guys. I still think the Bison have yet to hit their stride. I think they played great against K-State but have not played a full game since. The Bison will have to play a full game this Saturday or it could be a loss. I have a feeling this is the week, with everyone seemingly doubting them, that the Bison put it all together. I believe that this team has it’s mind sent on going unbeaten. NDSU-31 Southern Illinois-13

    • played against Dale in high school….they kicked our butt in football, we kicked there’s in BB…..

  8. Its more like a 6 pt game. SIU gives up 101 yds more per game than NDSU. Its all passing. With the passing game opening up for the Bison and the 3rd down conversion rate at 25% for opponents, 55% for the Bison and TOP in favor of NDSU, SIU is going to have to play a heck of a game to win against an average Bison team.

    The Bison are ready with the passing attack and NDSU has the strongest running game by a good margin as well. Good weather or bad this favors the Bison.

    Big game. Bison win. Too many small advantages. I think the Bison could roll so I like the over/under at 60 and Im taking over.

  9. Jerry Kill will miss the Gophers’ game this weekend.

    Mrs. Bohl has been calling realtors in Minneapolis.

    • Bohl’s not that stupid to jump into a no win situation like he would have in Minneapolis.

  10. I don’t doubt she is calling realtors, but I am betting they are in Lincoln Nebraska. Go Bison!

  11. I’m thinking that SIU was a beneficiary of playing teams that had just put everything they had into beating the Bison. SIU got SDSU after the Bison pounded them (so SDSU lost twice to the Bison) and SIU got UNI after they lost to the Bison as well (so UNI lost twice to the Bison). That is what happens when you are the 2 time defending national championship team, everyone loads up to try and beat you and when they fail they have a hangover the next game. Last year YSU lost a bunch after they got pounded by the Bison.

    I see the Bison winning in a lower scoring game. It goes back to my theory that to beat the Bison your defense has to hold the Bison offense to fewer points than the Bison defense holds your offense to. I don’t think SIU can do that.

    Bison 24 SIU 14

  12. Also remember how well the defense played after they publicly stated they were disappointed in their play. I expect the Bison defense to be a fired up group that wants to get the last couple of games out of their minds. Bison defense will be spot on this weekend.

  13. I agree with Bison but will go one step further by saying another shut out might be in order if the weather plays a factor. 3-0 going into the 4th we win 17-0 in a another 4th qtr beat down.

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