Bison PreGame Show at Southern Illinois

Join Dom Izzo, Kevin Schnepf and Hayden Goethe from Carbondale as NDSU attempts to win a 15th straight road game this afternoon taking on Southern Illinois.

3 thoughts on “Bison PreGame Show at Southern Illinois

  1. Unfortunately for SIU the Bison did not just put everything into beating NDSU last week and lose. SIU doesn’t get the benefit of a team hurting from losing to the Bison this week. I think both SDSU and UNI suffered letdowns and effectively lost twice to the Bison.

    I agree with Dom that the secondary is on a mission today. I think they are disappointed in their play and I think they crank it up this week. I also think the defensive line didn’t get a bunch of pressure on the QB last week and will play with more aggression today.

    Bison win 28 – 13.

  2. “He’s a competitor. That’s the thing that I’ve noticed, all the way back to his freshman year,” said SIU coach Dale Lennon. “He’s not going to impress you with his pure quarterback skills. It’s not that he has this great arm. It’s not that he has this great accuracy, but what he has is the ability to deliver the ball on that important throw. To get that run on that important down, getting that first down. He just kind of has ‘it’ of making plays for their offense, and he is a big reason why they’re successful.”

    So 66% completion percentage is not that accurate?

    Brock Jensen is a big reason the Bison have won back to back national championships. He wins and not only does he win, the coaches put the game in his hands at the end an he delivers. I would take Brock over any other QB in the FCS and over most of the FBS QB’s as well.

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