Bison PostGame Show at Southern Illinois

NDSU won its 16th straight game on Saturday and 15th in a row on the road with a dominating 31-10 performance in Carbondale. The Bison offensive line opened up holes for NDSU backs to run for
331 yards and John Crockett racked up three 3rd quarter touchdowns. Join Kevin Schnepf, Hayden Goethe and myself from Saluki Stadium for a breakdown on today’s game.

By the way, little props for calling one upset on Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show at Southern Illinois

  1. Big Game looming in the Fabulous Fargo Dome. USD may make tha finale in this yrs Big 3 round robin for best college football team in the Dakotas one to Remember.

      • Guys right, that could be the biggest game of the yr with not only the Dakota College Football Championship at stake but maybe home playoff and the MVFC title as well. That’s what it used to be about in the old NCC for the great Dakota Universities and that’s what its still about in the MVFC/Summit and the Dakota Big 3.

  2. No question the Bison D is the best in the country. But, it could be pointed out that 2 of the last 3 wins occurred after the other teams’ best player was injured. Johnson from UNI and Faulkner for SIU…both those two were getting major yards before they went out of their respective games.

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