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He already will go down as having one of the best names in NDSU history and we’ll see in a couple years what kind of quarterback he will be. Sunday the Bison grabbed one of their top targets for the Class of 2014 in Creighton Prep signal caller Easton Stick. According to Rivals, Stick is 6’2, 202 pounds and has a rocket for an arm, but I’ll let the video speak for itself. He joins another Creighton Prep standout RJ Urzendowski, his current teammate and main wide receiver target. Stick and Urzendowski had a game earlier this year against ¬†Lincoln Southeast where they combined for touchdowns of 81, 10 ¬†and 97 yards. They had been flooded by offers by all the upper Midwest FCS schools; Stick had offers from UND, Northern Colorado, SDSU, USD and Akron.

VIDEO: Stick is #14, Urzendowski is #15


I think the biggest deal about this for NDSU is the type of athletes that Stick and Urzendowski are. These are two top-notch recruits by all accounts and while they may have heard about NDSU this time last year, the events to start this season but the Bison square on their radar. Beating K-State was HUGE for recruiting, maybe something that we won’t see for a few years, the second is Gameday coming to Fargo, for the current high schoolers that’s obviously a huge factor, cause you can bet most high schoolers who want to play college football somewhere are watching Gameday at some time on Saturday morning and for these two guys to see Gameday in Fargo and the atmosphere that was here that day, it had to be a huge factor. Urzendowski verballed a week after K-State, Stick a month after Gameday. Granted this is just hype and we’re a couple years away from seeing these guys play, but their big play ability should have Bison fans smiling.

UPDATE (11:05pm): Creighton Prep HC Chris Nizzi will join me on Dizzo’s Den MONDAY at 6:45 on 970 WDAY, wday.com

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  1. They look like a couple of great recruits. Welcome to the Herd. Can’t wait to see you play when you are ready.

  2. I have learned not to get to high or too low on recruits. Brock was not a big time recruit at all and we wanted another QB over him, but he went to Central Michigan and didn’t pan out. So that actually worked out well. However, Grant Olson was a huge recruit and he has played amazing. Bottom line it really means nothing until they are taking snaps in the Fargodome.

    • Following the whole cycle of recruiting is kind of fun in my eyes. I like reading about recruits whether they come to NDSU or not.
      Whether they are highly recruited or not does not always matter. More times than not the highly recruited ones probably are potentially better players.
      At the same time there are a few studs that sneak through the recruiting cracks that end up being great contributors to the team. There are also some that don’t quite live up to expectations.
      I wouldn’t say it “means nothing” when a player verbals to the Bison.
      It means a lot when any player verbals. It’s a huge decision for kids to make. Not everyone is just picking a football team. They are also picking an education.
      Welcome to NDSU to all current and potential recruits!

    • Very true. You can’t judge recruits until their sophmore or junior years. These guys are 2-3 years from seeing meaningful game reps. A lot can happen during that time, heck they may not even be on the team by then. Then again they could be the next Jensen to Vraa combo! GO BISON!!!

  3. When talking about recruits, can you mention the town and state instead just the high school. I don’t know if these two recruits are coming from the cities or the Omaha area?

  4. Creighton Prep is here in Omaha, Cretin (Durham Hall) is in St. Paul, MN, which may have been the confusion. Ironically, with SDSU playing UNL in football, a lot of Nebraska kids have been highly recruited by SDSU. So it’s good to see the Bison getting top billing.

  5. both of these guys are 2 star’s on rivals, I hope that NDSU goes after some 3 star kids and shoots for the moon and tell these kids. “you will play alot at NDSU and you will get to the NFL through NDSU and you will learn how to win at NDSU” They should be taking 3 star kids away from Minn/Iowa/Kansas on a yearly basis.

    • I wouldn’t get hung up on getting 3 star recruits. Beck, Olson, Jensen, Heagle, etc. were all 2 star or below.

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