Bison Video Blog: Men’s basketball head coach Saul Phillips in studio

Join The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and WDAY sports director Dom Izzo for a special mid-week episode of the Bison Video Blog. Men’s Basketball head coach Saul Phillips stopped by the studio to chat about the upcoming Summit League season.

19 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Men’s basketball head coach Saul Phillips in studio

  1. the Heat is on this team this year, its a must make the dance type of year. Failure = not making it. Im so worried about the toughness of this team, there is no real “scrappers” especially under the glass. Marshall is a great offensive player, but there isn’t an “enforcer” This is a 25 win season and you do not lose to SDSU our true rivals this year!

    • They create their own heat. Last year’s Bison “turnout” in Sioux Falls showed me this community had little to no interest in the goings on. I don’t want to hear the excuses or the whining. It’s for a trip to the Big Dance. It gets ten times the national attention of winning an FCS football title. Obviously when you run up against SDSU it’s going to be a disadvantage, but the turnout in the other games was nothing special. If people are going to be critical of this team regardless, then they’d better actually show up in Sioux Falls if, for nothing else, to hold them accountable.

      • Whining? How can fans not emulate our coach when he comes out with colored coded cards whining why we didn’t get into the NIT. Then loses in the first round in a tier 4 tournament.

  2. I’m still trying to figure why you guys decided to have your Bison Video Blog bus rolling around the UK (the plates kinda give it away 😉 )? Trying to broaden the worldwide reach of the Bison Video Blog?

  3. Sounds like a possibility of a very good men’s basketball season. Hopefully they play to their potential.

    I remember reading something about a few rule changes that affects how defense is played in college basketball. It sounded like they would limit contact and other things that will make it hard to be a defensive team as a calling card (like the Bison and Western Illinois were last year). Have you asked Saul about the defensive rule changes?

    You didn’t bring up the BSA renovation with Saul. I would have loved to hear his thoughts on it, now that it is a reality. Is there any way they can start work on the practice courts before the rest of the project? They are kind of built outside of the existing structure, right?

  4. Saul called the fans out last year to show up this season in Sioux Falls. Lord knows we have no problem traveling across the country for football games. Three and a half hours to Sioux Falls isn’t that hard. They sell tickets for it all year. Obviously, if they play SDSU (or perhaps USD though they don’t have nearly the following) they’ll be at a disadvantage. But 7000 to 500? There’s no reason 1-2K shouldn’t be in that place if it’s SDSU-NDSU. If it’s NDSU vs. anyone else, especially for the title, we’d better get at least 3500 in there. No excuses.

    • We were in Sioux falls last year, there was 500 NDSU fans and we were loud. SDSU fans bought 5000 tickets like a year early.

      Our group bought 16 tickets for this year the next day, I suggest NDSU fans go do it right now.

  5. Now that the BSA renovation is actually a reality, why don’t you guys do another blog story on exactly what the renovation intails again. I know there have been some in the past, but since the project is a go for this spring I would assume there is more concrete info out there on what it will exactly look like inside and out, as well as all the capabilities the structure will have. Do you guys believe that once this is done that it would be a facility on par with those in the MVC?

    • Nothing has changed with the look since the drawings were released last year. Construction timeline details will be finalized in the next three weeks and when it is, we’ll certainly put the visual of the renovation out there again.

  6. The exposure on TV this year should help with attendance at the games. People will get to see the product on the floor and will want to go see them in person. I do wish they could play both men’s and women’s games on the same night like the old NCC days. I think if you gave your fan base two games to come and see they would show up a lot better. Go Bison and lets support our teams to the best of our abilities.

  7. I think part of the attendance problem is that people only have so much money to spend on recreation (Bison sporting events). People travel to all of these Bison football games during the season, buying Bison clothing and then traveling all the way to Frisco in January. Then in April you have to come up with the money for your 2014 Bison football tickets. It is asking a lot. Do you really think if the Jacks’ fans were spending that kind of money on their football program and then had to travel to Fargo for the Summit League tourney that they would have 7,000 people in Fargo? Not likely. Reality, I agree the Bison might get more national attention for the big dance than they do for the FCS title, but after this year with GameDay coming to Fargo I am not sure how much more. Not 10 times. The other thing is that no matter how much more attention the Big Dance would bring to the basketball team it doesn’t matter because that football team will always be number 1 in Fargo-Moorhead. It is just a fact. I hope to be in Sioux Falls this year too. You have to remember SDSU fans pay for tickets not tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants and gas to travel 250 miles two ways. So like I said when it comes to following your team no one, and I mean no one in the Summit League or Missouri Valley Football Conference follows their team like Bison fans follow the Bison football team and it ain’t even close. Go Bison!

  8. I have the SDSU men winning the conference title followed by Denver who I think is the best team but will lose some games that maybe they should win because it will be their first time through the conference. I have the Bison finishing 3rd. The Jacks have lots of tourney experienced kids coming back (Four Seniors starting) plus Cody Larson! Don’t kid yourself two straight trips to the Big Dance has helped their recruiting. They are going to be deep and very tall! When it comes to the tourney I believe it will be SDSU vs Western Illinois or USD in one semi-final game and NDSU vs Denver in the other. Bison and Denver will beat on each other and the winner(NDSU) has the enormous task of beating the Jacks in the title game! I don’t see anyone beating the Jacks in Sioux Falls and it is only going to get tougher when they move into the new arena. Beating them there is like beating the Bison football team in the Fargodome. Jacks men go to their 3rd straight dance and the women to their . . . what is it their 5th or 6th? PS- I am not saying the Bison men can’t do it but it will be tougher than beating Oakland in 2009. Big home court advantage for SDSU. Bison men have to be more consistent. No long scoring droughts or kiss your title aspirations good bye. Go Bison!

    • barring major injuries i just dont see us finishing lower than 2nd. i think this team gets it done with another year of experience and more confidence. theyve been through it all. i think they get it done.

      i will hopefully be in milwaukee to watch this team in the 2nd-3rd rounds as a 13 seed. then hopefully indianapolis for sweet 16! dream big bison!

    • Um…..Maybe I’m wrong but the Jacks don’t have a big time point guard coming in to lead them. That team was brutal when Wolters missed a few games last year and they’ll have to make some big adjustments this year.

      • Good point Fargobison. I guess I figure that with their success they should be able to recruit a good PG. I think that they do a have a decent backup. He will be a sophomore this year. You are right no one coming PG in will be as good as Wolters, but the rest of the team should be a year older and more experienced. Larson who was a top 100 player in the country his senior year should be a great addition. They will be very tall. Go Bison!

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