FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 9

Everything stayed the course last week with Mr. Kolpack and I; each an 11-5 week, so the deficit remains two as we enter the stretch run of the season. Some huge games on a national landscape this weekend, some that Bison fans should have an eye on as well.

                                                           DOM  (78-39)        JEFF  (80-37)

  • (14) Maine at (17) Villanova                           Maine             Vill
  • Samford at (11) Wofford                                Wofford            Sam
  • South Dakota at Illinois State                        Ill. St               Ill. St.
  • (18) UNI at (24) SDSU                                         UNI                UNI
  • (4) East. Washington at (10) Montana            EWU               Mont.
  • Georgia Southern at App. State                     GSU               GSU
  • (16) James Madison at William&Mary            JMU                W&M
  • (7) McNeese State at Nicholls State              McN                McN
  • UC Davis at (5) Montana State                       MSU               MSU
  • North Dakota at Portland State                      PSU                PSU
  • (2) Eastern Illinois at (21) Tennessee St.         EIU                 EIU
  • Missouri State at Western Illinois                   MSU               MSU
  • (12) UCLA at (3) Oregon                              Oregon         Oregon


7 thoughts on “FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 9

  1. I am shocked that both of you picked Portland State over UN_ this weekend. Don’t you two realize how bad PSU is? Wait, what?? Never mind.

  2. The Maine Nova results will be interesting to see. Nova lucked out earlier this year beating Towson. The E. Wash and Montana game will have implications not only in the BSC but also in the playoff rankings. Loser out game is between UNI and SDSU both are clinging to playoff hopes with UNI slightly ahead of SDSU due to a FBS win. See who has more pride in this game. PSU and UND game could very well be for Mussman job. A loss and he might get “kiffened” in the airport on the way home.

  3. Villanova
    SDSU-35 UNI-31
    E. Washington
    Georgia Southern
    J Madison
    Montana State
    Portland State
    Eastern Illinois
    Missouri State
    Oregon-52 UCLA-17

  4. ◾(14) Maine at (17) Villanova – Villanova, home cooking
    ◾Samford at (11) Wofford – Wofford
    ◾South Dakota at Illinois State – USD, Yotes are feeling it all of a sudden
    ◾(18) UNI at (24) SDSU – SDSU, running game wins it in game of shattered dreams.
    ◾(4) East. Washington at (10) Montana – Montana, after Oregon St. E. Wash hasn’t surprised anybody.
    ◾Georgia Southern at App. State – G.Southern in the last one to leave FCS turn out the lights game
    ◾(16) James Madison at William&Mary – JMU
    ◾(7) McNeese State at Nicholls State – McNeese St
    ◾UC Davis at (5) Montana State – Montana St
    ◾North Dakota at Portland State – Portland St., will have one more pick 6 than UND (the green and white) (hilarious)
    ◾(2) Eastern Illinois at (21) Tennessee St. – E. Illinois, trap game after reaching #2?
    ◾Missouri State at Western Illinois – Mizz St.
    ◾(12) UCLA at (3) Oregon – Oregon

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