5 thoughts on “Bison PreGame Show at Indiana State

  1. Revenge game for the only loss from last year. No Shakir Bell and no starting QB for Indiana State. This one is over very early.

    Bison 56 Sycamores 0

    On another note the Huskers are being embarrassed in Minnesota. They are trailing the lowly Gophers 27-20. If the lowly Gophers somehow manage to beat a not very good Husker team does Pelini get Kiffened on the flight home? Possibly shoved out of the plane. A loss to the horrible Gopher football program would be a stain on a once proud Husker program.

  2. No one has been harder on the Gophers than I have but no question they just might have turned the corner today. They looked pretty good. No doubt husker nation thought this should not have happened. The thing they have to realize is they are still 5-2and are on the verge of being bowl eligible and they were never in the national champ picture to begin with so to fire a coach with a winning record seems premature.
    I just wish we were not in such a hurry to have our coach move on. Let’s hope he just might want to stay in Fargo for a very long time. If he is happy maybe the extra money isn’t all that important to him. If he does want to move up great but I’m sure he wants to get through the end of the season and win another championship.

  3. Who is in a hurry to have Coach Bohl leave? I personally don’t even think Nebraska would interview him.

    What I was saying is for Nebraska to lose to Minnesota is an embarrassment. That should not happen because the Nebraska football program has enough resources they should be better than Minnesota by a big enough margin that they don’t lose to them. They lost to Minnesota because Pelini isn’t a good coach and he seems to be a first class jerk. He was hired as a defensive whiz and the defense is a complete joke. They gave up 200 yards rushing to Zenner in the first half and Zenner gained 4 yards in a whole game against the Bison. Losing to Minnesota with a program that feels it is on of the elite FBS programs should not be accepted.

  4. Coach Bohl would be in for the Gopher job much more than Nebraska. With this win Coach Kill and staff will be with the gophers for a few more years. So neither job will pan out for Coach Bohl.

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