Sunday Night Ramblings – LIVE Chat Week 9 Recap

Time to recap a big weekend and get a real grip on what the national landscape is starting to look like with Selection Sunday just four weeks away, join us at 10!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Ramblings – LIVE Chat Week 9 Recap

  1. Couldn’t get on last night but couple comments. Gebhart has been healthy, only sat out 1 week of fall camp. Great throw by Jensen but even better job of #3 getting open and even greater catch on TD.

  2. Forgot about the live chat last night. Too busy switching back and forth between the Vikings and the World Series. Love the live chat and I hope it will become permanent. Sunday night is a great time to talk about the weeks events. Thanks guys! Go Bison!

  3. Why didn’t Crockett get many carries against ISU? Is he hurt? Seemed like Ojuri had just about every carry in the first half.

    • It seems to me that Ojuri gets more carries in the first half and Crocket in the second half of games. Haven’t gone back to check to see if this is true or not.

      The game was a blowout so there was no need to run Crocket in the second half.

  4. Dom, what’s with your colleagues’ irrational hate for the bracketology. It’s just a little harmless fun.

    Speaking of, I think it’s a travesty that Fordham is #6 in the SportsNetwork bracket projection. They’re not eligible for the Patriot autobid and that conference doesn’t deserve two teams. Even if they’re undefeated they should be playing the first weekend.

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