Bison Video Blog: Crossover season starts for NDSU athletics

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16 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Crossover season starts for NDSU athletics

  1. 11-0 or 12-0 what difference would it make for the Bison football team? They are the #1 seed, with no issue of getting into the playoffs.

  2. I think the WBB program needs new leadership. She obviously does not know how to recruit. If this was the MBB program Saul would have been gone already. I wonder what the reason is for her still being here. Anyone have an idea?

  3. I don’t feel either NDSU basketball coach should be fired until they fail while coaching in a decent facility. How can you expect anyone to have success while recruiting to the BSA? Saul has done a great job recruiting. It makes a person wonder how good his recruiting might be if the BSA renovation ever comes to fruition. You have to ask yourself “Would the Bison football team be on the cusp of winning it’s 3rd title in as many years if they had football facilities that were the equivalent of the current BSA”? I see the women’s program improving when kids can be recruited to a new facility. Go Bison!

    • It isn’t so much a firing as a not giving Coach DeHoff a new contract. This is her last year of her contract and with the expected bad season she won’t get a new one.

      The new coach will have the renovated BSA to recruit to and hopefully will be able to recruit players to get the Bison to the top of the conference.

  4. Your opinion of the WBB coach and her leadership ability is very optimistic, and your free pass is overly generous. You judge a coach by how much they get out of their players, not necessarily just W’s.

    We are not winning, but more concerning is the lack of leadership and confidence of our team. It sure seems like we have an asst coach try to lead.

    • Herd the one criticism I do have of Coach Dehoff is that she always seems to be shorthanded. I understand that there is nothing you can do about injuries but there are times she doesn’t use her entire allotment of scholarships. I think she has to use them all or we will never be able to build a winner here. Go Bison!

      • Would you know why she doesn’t use all her scholarships? Is it her choice or a financial choice?

        • Chad I don’t know the answer to that. I am sure they have a full allotment of scholarships. Go Bison!

    • You are probably right, but I was informed that the buck stops at Gene Taylor’s desk. He has the finally say in the athletic department, both men’s and women’s athletics in terms of hiring and firing.

  5. Considering the level of excellence that we are used to in all the other programs (with VB currently reloading) we should expect a LOT more from our women’s basketball program. It’s an embarrassment.

  6. While I know you guys are focusing on Illinois State-UNI, calling a big Valley upset that will take some luster off one of NDSU’s upcoming games:

    USD beats Youngstown at the Dakota Dome.

    • I’d like nothing more than for YSU to lose out.

      We (the MVFC) need as many 8-4 teams as we can muster for the committee’s consideration.

      I don’t think it’s physically possible for SDSU, UNI, USD and YSU to all come out at 8-4 – but give me the Dakotas and UNI as the playoff representatives.

      • Upon researching, obviously USD can’t win out because they’re playing NDSU. Not that it’s impossible for USD to win and it’s not like NDSU couldn’t give up a lose to help the cause – but I don’t see it.

        That allows YSU to beat USD and then lose the rest of their games to go 8-4.

        And I forgot about Southern Illinois. They can win out and go 8-4.

        So it’s still possible to have NDSU. SDSU, UNI, YSU and SIU all with 8-4 records or better.

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