Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Illinois State preview

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the latest Bison Video Blog.

5 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Illinois State preview

  1. I enjoy the football talk. (sport of choice) But I’m looking forward to more basketball talk. MBB looks to have a memorable season…WBB on the other hand…It’s time to talk coach. Everyone always talks recruiting. Well that’s up to the coach to seal the deal. She is not doing it. Using excuses like an aging BSA is ridiculous. If the men can recruit here why can’t her staff. In my mind this should be a make or break season for her. You can use last years injuries as an excuse…but with no depth on the bench she is still to blame.

  2. Unfortunate coincidence of words and gestures at the 18 sec mark of the coach’s Monday presser.

    • Go to NDSU’s page on You Tube. They post all the commercials, press conferences and highlights. The new website guys use the You Tube site as their archive for the free videos.

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