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There was many a blog written by yours truly in the past calendar year extolling the virtues of NDSU playing 12 games in 2013 and I can say the decision NOT to play 12  was a smart one, the Bison hit the final 3 games of the regular season perhaps the most healthy team in the nation, Jeff hit the nail on the head, if Ryan Smith’s sprained ankle is the biggest concern, than this team is ready to go. I heard from several coaches on the Missouri Valley Conference call about how banged up our team is, and just trying to survive. Northern Iowa is a mash unit, David Johnson will not play vs Youngstown, while Sawyer Kollmorgen doesn’t look like he’ll go. Illinois State and NDSU are the only Valley teams playing 11 this year, so even if SIU or SDSU makes the playoffs, how long can they last?

Will Christian Dudzik and the 2014 Bison play 12 games next year? (Carrie Snyder- Forum File Photo)

Which makes what I’m about to write more confusing for Bison fans. NDSU SHOULD play 12 games next season. I’m not sure this is the first time we’ve seen the 2014 schedule, but it’s the first time we’ve blogged about it, so here it is, then my reasons for playing 12 to follow.

  • August 30th  – at Iowa State
  • September 6th –  vs. Montana
  • September 13th – OPEN DATE
  • September 20th – OPEN DATE
  • September 27th – OPEN DATE
  • October 4th –  at Western Illinois
  • October 11th – vs. Southern Illinois
  • October 18th – vs. Indiana State
  • October 25th –  at South Dakota
  • November 1st – vs. SDSU
  • November 8th – at Northern Iowa
  • November 15th – at Missouri State
  • November 22nd – vs. Youngstown State
First off, NDSU has 10 games locked and loaded for next season, so regardless, one of those three open dates will leave, probably the September 20th game, take a week off after playing Iowa State and Montana. That gives NDSU 11 and probably six home games, exactly what the football higher-ups want. But consider having two bye weeks that close? September 13th – off, 20th – play, 27th – off again? Remember 2014 is a year when FCS schools are allowed to play 12 games, and next year’s Bison will be good, but will they be in the same spot as this year’s team? No. A possible 0-2 start? While not likely, never say never, and then you need wins from there. Who do you figure to be good in the Valley next year? Austin Sumner and Zach Zenner are seniors, so SDSU will be back. Sawyer Kollmorgen is just a junior and UNI always re-loads. Youngstown loses Kurt Hess, but the Penguins have a lot of talent, and USD has had a unexpected resurgence, there always seems to be a team that jumps out of the pack.
2014 seems to be the year that NDSU could say let’s play a 6th road game, with the guarantee of playing that team in Fargo maybe as early as ’15 (NDSU already plays at Montana that year) or 2016 (Iowa and Western Carolina are locked in for then.
As for the schedule as it stands;  the end of the schedule is incredibly difficult, home for the Jacks, at the UNI-Dome, at Springfield (NDSU always struggles there) and then host Youngstown, that’s a tough gauntlet. Eagle-eye fans will see Western Illinois re-appear
on the Bison schedule, the Leathernecks have been off for the last two seasons, NDSU
goes back to Macomb in early October. NDSU also will play in Vermillion for the first time
since 2002, a four-overtime loss for NDSU (remember 2012 the Bison played USD in Sioux Falls)
It’s fun to speculate now, but NDSU needs one more game, and I would not be surprised at all if they go get another, the opportunity may be right to be play 12.

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  1. If they move the montana game to august 23rd as may happen (and I think will), they would have 4 straight bye weeks. They should look into moving maybe the SDSU game up in the season. Every ‘tough’ game except iowa state has a bye or weaker opponent going in.

    23rd montana
    30th iowa state
    6th cupcake state
    13th sdsu
    20th bye
    27th bcs team or quality opponent
    4th western Illinois
    11th siu
    18th isu-b
    25th south dakota
    1st bye
    8th uni
    15th msu
    22nd ysu

    • The conference schedules all the conference games. You can’t change the date of a conference game. I still think a couple byes early in the season would help heal the Bison up before hitting that rough conference stretch. Though since we are losing a lot of seniors it would make sense to schedule an extra non conference game to get everyone’s feet wet before the conference schedule starts

  2. Cupcake home game sept 20, then a weak MAC or Mountain west team to show how easy those conferences would be for NDSU. (air force, new mexico, san diego or Nevada)

    • Care about tradition… funny comment. Everyone knows how this all started in the first place since UND “higher ups” didn’t care about “tradition” 10+ years ago.

    • It seems you forgot that your “higher ups” ie Roger Thomas took the ball and went home saying ” There was a competitive disadvantage for UND to keep playing the Bison”. I do not care what those reasons were UND did not care about keeping the tradition first.

      • “Higher ups” up north included. Next time you are at the Fargodome check out those life size football pictures. The pic from 1894 will tell you when the great rivalry and tradition began. I don’t go back quite that far but it didn’t all begin you and Brock Jensen.

    • I’m with the “higher ups” !!!!! Tradition is a just another word for “rut”.

  3. Unless a FBS team wants to pay NDSU like a FBS team 800k+ NDSU will not play 2 FBS games. A home and home or a 2-1 with a Patriot or NEC school would be great. Give East Coast Bison fans a chance to watch this team.
    It’s easy to speculate what they should do, but if no one is willing to play them, the whole point is pointless.

    • There is no way for a home and home with a FBS program for NDSU, but you are right, two FBS games on the schedule does not make sense.

  4. Who is the stupid idiot from the Valley that scheduled the Conference games without a bye week? Or is NDSU somehow getting the conference by in week 1?

  5. ding ding ding. Sept 20 Appy State @ NDSU. that would be epic, then head down to Appy State in 2015!

  6. Why not play a complete conference schedule instead of “everyone except ____________” ?

    • 11 Game Schedule is Standard = 8 conf games + 3 OOC games; In a 12 game year, 4 OOC games. But the model is set for an 11 game schedule for fairness every year.

  7. ILL State get’s a break from NDSU in 2014, so why would they want to schedule us OOC? Not in thier best interest at all. It’s not always about what NDSU wants as many of you have a hard time understanding.

  8. I don’t know if or how but can conference games be moved around if both teams are willing? Another question is a lot of the southern teams have an OOC game near the end of the season. Why are all the MVFC OOC games at the beginning? Is that something the conference decides on?

    • One more question, is there any chance of NDSU signing a home/home with a low level FBS school? Or a transitioning school like ODU, GSU, ASU?

  9. How about any Big Sky team, home and home? The Sioux should be included in this conversation, tradition or not. It just makes sense.
    WAC teams should be thought about, too.
    We assume Gene Taylor is looking far and wide for teams on those open dates, correct, Dom? Maybe you could do a blog Q&A with him about this topic.

    • WAC doesn’t play football anymore, I know that Gene has chatted with nearly every FCS school out there, Southland teams probably out because its likely that conference is going to a 9 game conference schedule, Valley doesnt have plans to do that at this time, love to see a McNeese/Stephen F/SE Louisiana home and home.

  10. I still think a couple byes early in the season would help heal the Bison up before hitting that rough conference stretch.

  11. Hopefully Gene is thinking BIG. Don’t waist the opportunity with our national attention as of late and a possible 3-peat. I would hate to keep the attitude of playing a laydown game or even a easy FBS team. Go for a big time game, BIG TIME. Who cares if we get hammered. It shows our pride in our team and the mindset that we will play anyone. Go for it Gene, Alabama, OSU, Florida State, any big name team that thinks we will be there wiping boys.

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